Get Up & Work Hard

Originally written on August 27, 2019

Remember the time when you learned to make a sandcastle, all by yourself? What makes you think you cannot make a real castle?

Remember the time when you learned to catch a dragonfly, only to release it later? What makes you think you cannot handle things that are much easier than catching a dragonfly?

Remember the time when your mother could no longer answer your questions about stars? What happened to that astronomer?

That time when you closed the refrigerator just enough to discover when the lights turn off? What happened to that mystery hunter?

The time you learned to ride the skateboard after countless attempts and bruises? What happened to that risk taker?

The time when you got injured playing soccer but you went to play again the very next day? What happened to that resilience? Why is getting rejected or criticized a big deal now?

Life was not meant to be like this. Education was artificially created to produce people who know the same things and compete for the same jobs, leading to a cheaper labor force, which was needed to fuel the industrial revolution.

Religion was not meant to be this before cash started flowing into temples and churches. They became powerful enough to have connections with politicians and bureaucrats. Wealth attracted more money. More money attracted more people to religions, and hence, more insanity.

And society? Well, people in groups are bound to develop groupthink. When economic opportunities are limited, people do not to dissent. They don't call out hypocrisy. The young people who once spoke up grow up to become the hypocrites they once disliked. This was also not how society was meant to be. It was meant to be free, where economic opportunities are unlimited, where markets are open to trade from all sides, where there are no tariffs, no taxes, and no currency manipulation. When people became economically free early enough, they spoke up against injustice and hypocrisy.

Just go back to who you were before education, religion, and society happened to you before life happened to you.

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