Hazards Of Investing

Written on November 27, 2019

It keeps your hands tied. When the market collapses, everyone falls together because they are all sewed together. Hands tied and mouths shut, exploitation and tyranny lead the way. There is a huge fan club of investing and trading on social media, but I wondered why it is so publicly available if it was actually good for people.

The terms that are thrown the most often are "diversified" and "mutual funds". The more diversified you are, the more your fate is tied to the fate of corporations and of the government. It is true you will get richer over time, but you will also become a pawn to the corporatocracy.

If you don't like Bezoz for treating his employees like cattle, you can't do anything about it. If Amazon falls, so does your portfolio returns. Don't like Apple for artificially slowing down your phone to coerce you into buying a newer one? You are helpless. That is how Apple shares have risen. Don't like Facebook for using your data without your permission? Don't like Google for spying on you? Don't like big oil but can't expose them on social media? If these companies fail, you will lose your money. The more widely invested you get, the less you can criticize corporations. We have no clue how much investors, especially elite ones like Waren Buffet, know about these companies but don't say anything to protect their portfolios. This self-censorship allows evil to perpetuate.

You must criticize them when they are wrong. Your portfolio will take a punch. You should have not been driven by profit so much, to begin with. What else can you do with your earnings? Exactly what you set out to earn to do. If you set out to earn without having thought about what you want to do the money, you have really thrown away your life sadly. For essentials, get real assets like land and some means of production (equipment) if you want to produce something on your own land. If you have more, do what you have always wanted to do. You don't have an unlimited life.

If you are curious, I want a giant telescope, a good microscope, and a library. Take ownership of your life. And decide for your self. Don't fall for the promises of the corporatocracy.

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