How To Make Criminals 101

Updated: Feb 7

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On Socialization And Normalization

Dogs treat nicely those they were socialized with. They bark at those they weren’t.

Back in the US, my roommate told me blacks were not considered fully human during the times of slavery. Whites kept their children away from them. Perhaps, they knew that their children must be kept away from those they were supposed to grow up to hate. If they were socialized with black kids, they would have become friends with them. Thus, racists weren’t born. They were produced.

Today, the climate has changed, at least in Mississippi. I faced more racism from minorities than I did from whites. Today, it has become acceptable or even celebrated to have a black only party/celebration or Indian only party/celebration, but a white-only party will invite a lot of media scrutiny. Minority communities tend to live in close circles, not assimilating with the majority. Now, their children don’t socialize with white kids. Thus, the insidiously growing anti-white sentiment on the left isn't surprising.

I noted the same in religious discrimination in Mississippi. Christian children socialized at church and were likely to have gone to Christian schools, where their teachers were also Christians. Who they closely associated with, did business with, and dated were contingent on whether the other party was Christians or not. In comparison, religious discrimination doesn't even exist in India. From an early age, Indian children socialize with all religions, making them accepting of all religions. Dogs treat nicely those they were socialized with as puppies. They bark at those they weren’t. Remember this principle.

On Sexual Violence

Consider the difference I noticed in the two schools I attended. One, in Chhattisgarh, was fairly progressive. Girls and boys socialized and learned to live with each other. The town had a progressive culture. The other was conservative, in Bihar, the kind where boys were asked to leave the building during recess. This gender isolations almost fetishized the other gender. I saw eve-teasing for the first time there. Boys simply had not learned how to communicate with girls. Girls were just as rude and disrespectful. The worst girls were those who had gone to female-only schools previously. They had not learned how to converse with males at all. People ignore how important it is for girls to learn to communicate with boys. All it takes is offending one boy who has an ego problem, and we are looking at a spicy story for the media.

Everyone will jump on the bandwagon, “all men are evil,” “hang him publicly.” None’s gonna ask, “why do people do what they do?” No man is born criminal. If they are produced, then they are a consequence, not a cause. Just like you cannot eliminate cold by chopping off your nose, or you cannot eliminate gray hair by getting a haircut, you cannot eliminate rape by eliminating rapists. If the disease (the cause) is not treated, society will keep producing more citizens who have the same disease. A pure drop of water becomes mud when it falls in it. Thus, we must clean the mud before we blame the drop.

Criminals are symptoms, not the disease itself. The disease is those who don't let boys and girls socialize from an early age, inhibiting their inter-gender communication skills. Bollywood, which appeared to fill the gap, is the disease. It has implanted in the minds of men wrong ideas of gender dynamics. Just how many girls like being approached repeatedly and being forced upon? Why would a man ask out the same girl repeatedly? Does he have no respect for himself? Why is he such a simp? But we see it on TV quite often, as if it was normal. The media personals who have made light of deep moral and societal issues, the political leaders who have distracted people from asking the “why” question, the feminists who have further radicalized youth, an education system that teaches only Science, not Humanities, religion, and philosophy, those working for the CBSE who lay down what India learns are all parts of the same rot. The parents who don't teach young boys and girls what kind of girls and boys they should befriend and what kind they should dodge are part of the problem. All who praise a man-made judicial system and worship the law contribute to the same rot. Criminals are not born. They are produced, in the first two decades of their lives.

Before we judge our fellow human beings, we must look in the mirror. Have we silently supported the norms of our culture? Have we been indifferent to the wrong? Are we not the culture that has sponsored crimes we are blaming a few for? Have we not passively supported evil? Have we not withdrawn truth when to say it was due? Just like banks that fund wars are just as responsible as leaders who initiate them, all who participate in making criminals are just as responsible as those who commit crimes. We can’t kill the scapegoats and shrug off our sins.

What then do we with criminals? Hang them publicly? Burn them on the stake? Mutilate them? What do we do with their accomplices? Are most of you ready to be mutilated? If you paused for a second, I suggest you repent if you have sinned. And be ready to pay the price, for justice is not man’s job. If you have spat on the sky, it will spit back on you.

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