How To Make People Helpless 101

Produce everything industrially so people can't earn their living producing things that the market needs-- furniture, clothes, shoes, umbrellas, etc.

If industrial production costs too much, allow them some tax breaks. Offer them land at prices significantly lower than the market price, so they can easily breakeven.

Are they still skeptical? Help them get hefty loans at lower interest with a little promise of bailout if something breaks.

Still they need help? Well, steal public money and build public schools and colleges so you can take off their shoulders the cost of training and developing employees. The government shall take care of it. Make sure the population does not learn anything other than what is needed to work at corporations and factories. Fund colleges well so the industries don't have to spend money on Research and Development either. Let's hope now they should be able to out compete domestic producers.

What? They are not dominating? Make it harder for domestic producers. How about some new occupational licencing laws? If our industrial friends need more help, we can increase the cost of licensure, renewal fees, registration fees, etc.

Let's look at if we managed to mentally break our population. If working for a corporation is the only option left for them, that is ideal. Now, they can be controlled. They would have to shave their mustaches, wear exactly what we want them to wear, support the political party we want to them to support, support the religion we want them to. What else are they gonna do? Deny us? How are they gonna survive?

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