How To Make People Poor 101

1. Make capital owners richer: reduce participation in capital markets.

Tell the masses that it is very hard to be self-employed. They have to be really smart to get there. Tell them they don’t have enough money to start their own little firms. Don’t tell them anything about capital ownership. Make sure they don’t know about real estate, gold, and means of production. If they still want to be self-employed, smash them with licensing costs. You can also try denying access to some important platforms and networks. Consolidate capital in the hands of a few. Put barriers to entry. Disincentivize people from owning capital and earning for themselves, so they stay dependent on their masters. Over time, they will accept it as life.

2. How to make the labor class poor -

Increase the labor supply. Incentivize getting into the labor market. Glorify the 9-5 lifestyle as convenient and easy. Popularize resources on employment. Conduct job fairs so they think it is easy to find a job. Tell them to go to college so they can find a job. Talk about job creation so they can have more jobs to apply for. If they still don’t want to be wage slaves, promise them additional benefits like personal growth at work and promotions. Force capital owners to pay for insurance and vacation benefits. I know that doesn’t sound like a good plan but you can save more in the long term when the bait attracts hoards of willful wage slaves. The more of them you have, the less you have to pay them. Or we can ask the banks to inflate the currency, so they don’t know their real wages have dwindled. Once you reduce labor costs to a bare minimum, you can use the additional profit to promote the most obsequious employees.

The bottom line is -- reduce access to capital and shepherd the public to the labor market. The goal is to have as many as possible begging for jobs. Since only a few people own all means of production, you can have them working for almost free.

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