If I was God, I would be exactly like him

Updated: Feb 26

I wouldn’t micromanage their daily lives. Who likes a micromanager? I wouldn’t be a creep, looking at and judging their every action. Who does that?

I wouldn’t protect them from most problems. They need to toughen up to face their struggles. I don’t want them to be weak. I would not save them from the consequences of their actions. They wouldn’t learn otherwise.

Like a father who ensures his son's anarchic freedom and steps in only when he/she is about to eat mud, I would be open to help when the problem is too big for them to handle or when they are unfairly pitted against the situation. I would be open to help occasionally but they shouldn’t be overly reliant on me.

I wouldn't write a book for them to read and follow, for they would stop thinking for themself or even worse, they may start worshipping the book itself.

I wouldn’t show up to love them all the time. I mean I am not insecure. I don’t care to make myself look good. I don’t care to prove my love to anyone.

I would be detached, for I am in love, not in greed.

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