Linkedin Posts From 2020 Part Two

Updated: Apr 29

This is part two of my Linkedin back up from 2020. Thanks to Shivangi Chauhan for backing up my posts.

The reason man feels like a localized occurrence is that he experiences the unverse via his senses. Close your eyes. Suddenly, there is no point of view. Close your nose. Suddenly, there is no center of olfaction.

A man who shuts his eyes to meditate thinks that he is no longer aware of his location when, in fact, he has no location. His location was an illusion created by his senses. He is not a localized occurrence. He is the whole occurrence.

The reason rule of law is dumb is that truth can't be enacted in a court nor can it be repealed in one, unlike laws.

What we think about people of the 15th century -

Crazy ass stone age people

Believed in superstitions

No freedom of religion

Churches killed philosophers and scientists

No freedom of speech

Kings were greedy and evil

Child sacrifice/animal sacrifice

Now, imagine what people in the 25the century are thinking about us -

The very same things. People think that people did weird things in the past but don't do it in the present because they think past and present are different. They simply aren't. They are the very same.

Perhaps, enlightened men are rare because women don't like them. They fail to reproduce. Ever seen a woman fantasize about Tesla, Buddha, Jesus, Locke, Spinoza, Newton or Thomas Aquinas? Anyone? Perhaps, the world is bound to be dumb and sinful.

To say that you need a business plan before you do it is like saying you need to know how to breathe before you breathe. It is a stupid idea exemplifying the human ego. I understand the practical arguments for it, but they have been artificially created by the corporatocracy.

Noting in inconsequential in the universe. When a tiny electron vibrates in a distant corner of the universe, the EM radiations travel to infinity until absorbed, where it translates into mechanical work exactly the work put in to vibrate it. The frequency of the wave (radiation) stays exactly equal to the frequency of the vibration. Over astronomical distances, however, it gets stretched out to lower frequencies because space itself expands. But from the perspective of the radiation, it has never moved because time stops at the speed of light.

Two years ago, in an audiobook of the Republic, I heard Socrates explain how all democracies are bound to become tyrannies. I felt him. Now, I see him.

It is explanation that complicates things. Just leave love, friendship, and loyalty the way they are. Don't even bother to define them.

The system needs you. They are dependent on you, not the other way round. All you have to do is stop feeding them. We the people made facebook big when we signed up. We gave that place to Insta when we moved. We made YouTube big when we contributed. It is we who are the sleeping giants. By our choices and preferences, we control the world, not a few people. It is they who are in the illusion that they can put a spell on all of us.

(This is merely a revelation. I don't know if it is true.)

We were eternal children. We have all descended from the kingdom of heaven. Some of us succumb to society and become complicit with evil. Some lose interest in love, friendship, and art. And that is ok. Life is hard. That I understand

Perhaps, the point is to come back to who you were before it all started. You played video games, played with animals, hung out with friends, and enjoyed the basic things in life that were free to begin with, but you went on a journey to buy them somewhere, in which process, you forgot who you once were -- a playful ball of joy.

Perhaps, he was right "until you become like little children..."

A barber is likely to be pro-immigration. He benefits from more customers. A wage slave is likely to be anti-immigration. He doesn't want more people to compete with. If you want to make a nation hostile to foreigners, turn them into wage slaves.

This debate on H1B has occurred simply because H1B is a scam, a way to import more slaves from poor nations to drive down US wages.

People like me who believe in business-building might have stayed if the system facilitated economic independence. It doesn't. The system wants all Americans and all foreigners to be wage slaves.

Times of peace had allowed people to be peaceful. They had not become peaceful. The times of scarcity have now begun. Be ready for a rude awakening, for you shall see the wolves in sheep's clothing. Political correctness, leftism, feminism, and all other forms of virtue signaling will soon end.

Enact a law to force businesses to pay a minimum wage.

A law to force employers to pay for healthcare.

Force businesses to ensure job security.

Force people to pay more taxes so teachers can be paid more.

You can blame your rulers for using force,l but the truth is we live in a world where application of force has been normalized. Our rulers are instances of the same population.

It is not the case that your rulers have become unjust. They always were. The masses were uninformed. What is coming out is a massive breach of trust by the entity you empowered to enforce trust and contracts.

Those who think money is the measure of success should look up how much prostitutes, camgirls, pornstars, and drug-dealers make. Wait, they are doing something wrong? Then, do the right thing and free yourself of money. Don't compromise your principles for money.

Just close your eyes and let yourself get lost. Let yourself go.

To break down a structure requires a structure. But the universe does not have to have humanly conceivable structures. When there is no structure, reductionists posit one just to break it down. Then, they keep going deep into the rabbit hole they themselves have dug. What a shame.

Truth is right in front of them but they can't see it, for they hold too much knowledge. They want what they know to be true. They want what they think to be true. Knowledge is their enemy.

Why do you worry? Isn't all of it exactly how it is supposed to happen? Let it go. Let it all go, my friend.

They can't pay back the money they borrowed. What now? Lend more. Lend until asset prices fall to the ground so we can buy them for nothing. They shall then be forced to work on our lands for almost nothing. Yes sir, some rich have stolen from the poor. They are still doing it.

If you are humble, even if you don't read a lot, you will learn from those who do. If you lack humility, no matter how many books you read, you will be greatly limited.

(I am talking about the early effects of C-19) It is clear that governments and corporates were over-leveraged. It is clear that they need the common man to survive, not the other way round. If he stays home and watches TV instead of spending like a zombie, corporatocracy will end.

It is time for the world to explain to me how they plan to nourish themselves with gold, money, and iPhones. Show me. All paper is worthless if you have nothing to buy.

Religious people agree to everything their prophet/God says but act exactly antithetic to it.

Weather changes. The water level in oceans change. The universe is changeful. Seeds have to lay dormant from them to one day become plants. But that dormancy isn't a sin. It is intrinsic to the order. It is the order.


you pondered about the thing which might not be changing?


I call them eternal principles

When you can't offend someone, call it friendship.

Everyone is born wealthy, with an excess of the most precious asset-- time. Some spend it to do their job. The rest barter it for money or fame.

It's all one until you point it out. Then, there are two. Quit looking and they again dissolve into one.

Pumping liquidity is like spraying room freshener. It hides the infestation until it becomes a rot. The more you hide it, the more rotten it gets.

Matter exists in the state of highest stability or lowest energy. Sometimes, it gets manifested as the human body and people call it life. When conditions change and it becomes energetically favorable to exist as smaller and simpler molecules, that's what happens and people call it death.


Ujjwal Tsunami Anand even rocks have this energy it is (Eternal it manifests, perpetuates, and governs the illusion and dream of duality in the phenomenal Universe.)


but humans ascribe human aspects to it. Makes me wonder how humans might have defined life and death if we reproduced asexually. Wonder what prolife vs prochoice debate would have looked like.


The Spirit of a living thing usually refers to or explains its consciousness.

"I can teach you how to get rich". This is how I spot a poor man. The richest man is the one who has the fewest needs.

Do you think your fav popstar gives a damn about you? Why are you throwing your hard-earned money on concert tickets? Why are you following them on social media? Do you think they care if you even exist? You have been sold. That's all. All companies, singers, and actors need your money and your attention. You don't need them. Wake up.

Good keeps evil in check, but evil must also keep good in check. When it's all good, it's about time it will all be evil. They won't even know evil until they become it themselves.

It is not he who's been lied to that suffers. It is the liar who suffers. Perhaps, that's what they call divine justice if there's such a thing.

(C-19 had caused a decline in consumption.) That a short-term decline in consumption has got corporates and governments on their toes should tell you that the power resides in you, the consumer. Without unrestrained consumption, there can be no billionaire CEO, no rich clowns in Hollywood.

Even the mightiest of kings who made heavens on earth passed away and were forgotten as if they never even existed. The same was the fate of the most beautiful women who ever walked on earth. Why then do you worry? What is there to accumulate? Why then do you seek that which you can't hold on to? Let it go. Let it all go.

Quit standing by the door. No one is coming. Quit listening to the masses who are selling certifications, degrees, self-awareness, self-improvement, leadership training, and shit like that. In him holds man the power of creation. The Universe lives in him. All possibilities live in him. Quit looking outside. Start creating.

These mental health advocates are the cause of mental illnesses. They advocate for it. Whom we need are mental toughness advocates, but they are called toxic males. Well, I am a toxic male and so are my mentally stable friends.

In a house of untruth, common sense looks like a prophet's revelation.

No one owes you time and attention. That's why I keep telling people to stop posting garbage. No unnecessary pictures and videos. No unnecessary paragraph breaks.

Those who say shit like "discuss your feelings, reach out, etc" are making you weak. You will never become emotionally composed that way. Feel free to tell your problems. If they care, give them gratitude. If they don't, understand they are not obligated to. Hold no expectations

You shouldn't debate whether you look good or bad. Everyone will get ugly when they get old. Focus on health because it has long term utility.

Can someone explain to me why Christianity and Judaism are called western religions? The only major religion/tradition that seems to have originated in the west is Paganism.

(comment on C-19) That a virus is now keeping the bigwigs on their toes tells us how strong our economy is. This would have not happened if means of production were not so centralized (imperfect competition vs an oligopoly). If there is only one supply chain, if it dies, everyone is doomed. If it is saved via welfare, it is gonna be a demon next time.

I am afraid man thinks all problems can be resolved legally when chances are they were created that way.


Humans definitely try to *legislate* problems away. We know what happens next ...


they end up voting to kill Socrates, Jesus, and many others of the same caliber.

Is your life really that worthless that you want to sell it to accumulate material?

For peace is the law, all religions whose followers bother others and create disharmony shall become history. Not saying one religion is better than any other, but whichever contributes to peace shall stay with it. Whichever comes in the way must perish.

The reason why people tell me that they have always known what I tell them is that they have.

He feels an urge to sit down and relax his legs. He calls it the law of gravity. He feels an urge to be honest. He calls it the law of conscience. He feels both with the same body but classifies them as different. Are they different or he simply knows too much?

Everybody dies. Very few live.

Truth does not need assumptions to be concluded from. Truth is independent of assumptions. If it depends on an assumption, what we then have is not truth.

The reason Vegeta is more loved than Goku is that he represents the Jungian shadow, which all viewers must also face.

Kindness and nicety are shields weak men use to hide their untruth.

Use words conservatively if you want them to mean anything at all.

One misconception Science has sold is that the brain is the center of intelligence. Well, neural networks run throughout the body. Perhaps, the entire human body is intelligent. How do creepers navigate their way around the host? How do sunflowers follow the Sun? If you look carefully, it might occur to you that the entire universe might be intelligent.


Alan Watts and I have a lot of agreements here. He thought that thinking of the brain as the center of intelligence causes people to look for their selves in their head when they really should be looking out to see that there is no core and they are everywhere. He would say that you find yourself everywhere you look. Everything is one process and that is you.


"Where ever You go ,There You are"

Quit any job where you are asked to lie or deceive. Be peacefully homelessly than sinfully employed. I have faced both starvation and homelessness. Both were easier than living in sin.

It is the very nature of desire to stay unfulfilled. That's why it's pointless to chase any.

Science has done a very good job of telling people how they are limited by biology and instincts. How can people who are told they are animals act differently from animals? How can people who are told they are worthless pieces of shit act any better than that? Not saying Science is wrong but that it is incomplete. Humans are spiritual beings whose abilities far exceed what science can ever find. Science is limited by what it can observe, which itself is a tiny fraction of what there is.

You are not limited by your genetics because they change in response to the environment. Btw, you are genetically related to every human on this planet, from Usain Bolt to Michael Faraday. The only difference is how far related. You are only limited in your thought. Trespass into the territory of the unknown and keep no limits.

That humans these days act like barbarians should make those insecure who are 100% sure that we have not descended from animals. It's because of generations of Scientific indoctrination that people think of themselves as animals with animal instincts, totally powerless beyond it. Most humans receive little to no spiritual, philosophical, and moral education, when they are supernatural creatures. But I understand that a philosophically developed population wouldn't work in the plantations of factories and offices.

If the divine is omnipresent, you have no choice but to be divine. Every bit you must be divine. Every bit of everything must be divine. Or the divine is not omnipresent.

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