LinkedIn Posts From 2020 Part One

Updated: Apr 29

This is part one of my LinkedIn backup from 2020. Thanks to Shivangi Chauhan for preparing my first draft.

Previously, you had to print money out of thin air. There was still some cost to it. Now, you can just type it into existence. And the masses will work hard to obtain it.

Experience increases with age. So does pride. That's why most older people have no real advantage.

Remember a time when you were in a position of power and tried to mistreat/manipulate someone vulnerable? Why do you blame corps & govs for doing that to you? Did you seriously think you were gonna get away with it? For you have sinned, you must face the music.

A democratic government is easier to infiltrate than a kingdom. Democratic leaders have no incentive not to sell out their country to foreign and domestic powers. Since they are in positions of power only for a specific term, there is no reason for them to think long-term.

There are some crossroads whence all roads lead to hell. Where have you sinned? Go back and do exactly what you didn't do.

Unknown forces shall raise him up he who has spoken the truth. Unknown forces shall raise up he who has spoken the truth.

Societal notions are pretty much arbitrary. Don't waste your life following them. Do what is right.

People are trying to fix the unfixable. The vote is merely an illusion. Even if it wasn't, very rarely do sane people run for office. You are out of options anyway.

Remember, a nation without a king is like a family without a father. Rule of law, democracy, and all modern political models are stupid.

There are those who think morality does not exist. But the same people want honest and dependable people to be friends with and work with. The same people want to live in a peaceful and harmonious world.

No one has a problem with predestination when I say that comet A would pass by Earth on such and such date or the temperature will increase in April. But they can't accept predestination when I say that the world must get worse until man is stripped of his pride, for truth must be established and he must play his role. Words of prophets must materialize.

Those of pure conscience will abandon their idol if the idol does evil or is said to have done evil. Thus, they can't be brainwashed. A pure conscience is the best defense against evil.

How to prove that degrees are worthless -

1. Make a fake resume. Mention whichever degree you want to from whichever University you love.

2. Apply for jobs.

3. Repeat with different degrees and colleges.

All degrees are worthless. Don't fall for society. It's a big fraud. Your employability depends on demand and supply of labor, not really on your degree. It doesn't mean you should kill your competitors. It means you should be self-employed because the biggest cost involved, labor, is cheaply available.

A clueless individual - why would they want to control me?

Me - Why do parents want to control their children? Why do teachers like to control their students? Why do employers like to control their employees? Why do girls/guys want to control their partners?

All these people belong to the same world. They play different roles at different times. Most importantly, people who are in positions of power sought positions of power precisely to be in power.

Morality has been dismissed as merely a theory and theoretical things like nation, religion, culture, race have been made true. Well, man must pay for it.

Now they want gatekeepers. Gatekeepers were partly why nobody had watched a girl popping bubblewrap. People thought it was good that the Internet democratized creative production. Now, it has become a problem. There is filth and fatuity everywhere.

The bible says "be a cheerful giver", but it left out "be a cheerful taker too". For someone to give cheerfully, someone must take cheerfully. He who can't accept cheerfully has an ego problem.

You used to laugh when George Carlin said it. Now, jokes have become reality and reality has become a joke.

Don't try to win against the Universe because that's an internal struggle. Stay at peace.

Customer Annoyance Service has improved so much that open source communities provide better support than major corporations. Compare asking a question on Linux forums vs asking HP support or Microsoft support. The difference is more than massive.

Whatever he thinks he knows, man calls himself. The rest he calls everything else. This illusion of knowledge produces the illusionary boundary between the self and the Universe.

To eliminate suffering, you must eliminate sin. To eliminate sin, you must eliminate freedom. But the freedom to sin is fundamental for man to walk towards truth. If you don't have the choice to be immoral, you can't be moral either. This is why a nation with extremely stringent laws is likely to harbor immoral people. Thus, pain and suffering must exist for freedom to exist.

You must now do that which you should have done. This may be your only redemption.

Support people? To do what? Traverse a path of sin? Just call me discouraging rather.

I really don't care, but Trump's shit's getting censored on Twitter & FB should really raise eyebrows. Even Wap is not censored.

Folks- Rule of law, yay!!

Me - Rule of lawmaker(s)*

Me - No, rule of those who pay lawmakers and have the ability to refuse to pay. Don't think for a second that I am talking about taxpayers.

If voting really made a difference, you wouldn't be encouraged to vote.

When I say surrender or give up, it does mean losing to the Universe. The Universe is already you. It means uniting with it, becoming whole with it.

Want is an animal forever dissatisfied. Feed it. And it wants more. Only content can ever be achieved.

Democracy is a popularity contest. Do prom kings have answers? Yet people expect them to run nations.

You just want to tear me down. No, I just want to save you from saying "I wish I knew this 10 years ago" 10 years down the line. Your delusions need to be destroyed for you to be free.

What people are told- firms make what people want. If you failed to sell, you made a product the market doesn't want.

The truth - firms make people want. If you failed to sell, you failed to make them want. Customer is not king. He is a slave to his senses and insecurities, which marketers exploit to sell to him.

The entire world is looking like one giant school. Say anything teachers don't want to hear and you are gone.

There where you can't criticize God, tyranny will come in the name of God.

A nation without a king is like a family without parents

When knowledge dies, so does the knower. Congrats, you are now home.

There are those who think they can fix children by beating them up. You can't fix even a microwave that way. Good luck.

There is no point in blaming others because you have no control over their actions. There is every point in blaming yourself because there is no limit to what all you can do with yourself. Society can put a mountain of injustice in front of you. You can blame others or learn mountain climbing. The choice is yours.

Photons that fall on the retina become an image. What about the ones that fall on your skin? The entire human body receives information when light falls on it.

Technically, unemployment is a good idea to keep wages low.

It's amazing that girls who are not like other girls never say that. We just know.

There are men and women who are thinking. I agree there are very few. When you speak the truth, you attract them. They will know who you are. And they shall seek you. That's why you must tell the truth unapologetically.

Materialism is spiritual poverty. In a yogi people see poverty. I see immense wealth, unmeasurable by human standards. I see poverty in those who have beyond their wants but are inflicted with want.

You know employment is dead when you can get replies from an ex-CIA employee, prestigious professors, authors but not from recruiters.

Carl Sagan thinks that the earth and humans are insignificant in a vast cosmic arena. But I think it is as significant as everything else -- vast and cosmic.

Pretty much everything we know about the present is wrong. Just what makes people think we know history right?

Actions and consequences come in pairs. One can't pick one and reject the other.

Romance, friendship, leisure, outings, and what not do the commons do, thinking they are free, unaware of their rulers and their evil plans for them. Yet in these ordinary deeds, in everyday experiences, the commons find meaning while in might and money the rulers find nothing, besides an emptiness of wanting more. Whom am I supposed to pity? The one who is full with nothing or the one who is empty with everything?

Knowledge implies a knower. Wisdom was here before humans. Wisdom is the way. Knowledge is an obstacle. Wisdom is letting go of. Knowledge is holding on to, something people learn and memorize.

Wisdom is play. Knowledge is competition. Wisdom is learning. Knowledge is testing.

Collectivistic cultures are not really cultures. Make the rich men wear/talk a certain way. And the sheep will impose that among themselves. Such trendsetting is much harder in individualistic cultures.

I feel as if physics has been perverted by empiricism, on top of reductionism. It's probably the reason it repels women and holistic thinkers in general. But they all love philosophy of physics, even girls.

You can't know yourself. There is nothing to be known. If you found out (that there is nothing to be known, the game will end or perhaps not.

I see people have served freedom so much that they have become slaves to it.

The system can be designed the way you want. But you can't design truth like that.

The reason people debate whether God is one or many is that they think God is a countable noun. Is there one honesty or many honesties? Is there one sleep or many sleeps? People know too much. Their knowledge blindfolds them.

Does not matter if as a nation has been to the moon or has produced architectural marvels. So long there is even one homeless man, it is a failed state.

Money printers know that people worship money, which they can use to control them. Aren't people who worship money part of the problem here?

Wisdom does not emerge until the very last bit of pride is cured.

When western people find eastern religions -

Me - you are waking up from one mass delusion to sleep into another, getting off from one drug to get addicted to another. But you are still drugged

~inspired by Carl Jung

Just why do you care to prove yourself to a world full of sinners? What even is the point? Why do you care to look good to ugly people?

You can't die because you is a myth. You can die only as much as a unicorn can.

Sexual revolution may be destroying love. If sex could satisfy a man, why would he ever want to get laid again? It's like he wants to satisfy desire by desiring the object of desire. It is a trap.

They don't have to take your calls. Nobody owes you shit. Suck it up. Those who say "the world needs to become nicer" are not letting you develop spiritually. They want you to stay dependent and weak. Life isn't depressing you. Your expectations from life are depressing you.

If you want to kill yourself, nobody cares. What's the point? You are gonna die anyway, so go live before you do. This time, live without caring about the world. Nobody's looking anyway.

New Age Folks - Reach out to me. Don't kill yourself.

Me (an old-timer) - really how often have you ignored a call or a text message just because you were watching Netflix and did not want to be disturbed?

Send a message to people who are playing the kindness game. I guarantee you 8/10 won't reply. They are the problem, not the solution.

Friendship is like sleep. You don't know it until you wake up.

Many came here to network with people high up the corporate ladder. They found everyone to be CEO here. Now, they seek everyday people.

Job Creation is a bad idea because it is a form of centralized planning. For a population to reach its potential, every individual must do what he does best. When you create jobs for them, you diminish their potential.

Getting repeatedly rejected by people isn't necessarily your fault. The same people reject Broccoli for Pizza and later die of diabetes. Be green, clean, and fresh like Broccoli.

People struggle because they want too much from life when it is the very nature of want to keep you wanting.

You can't change others, but you can dig yourself until you find answers.

There's no such thing as human rights. There are only divine rights. Do you think birds have to show passport when they take a flight?

If a child is abandoned on a boat and has no clue of his parents, does he have to establish citizenship in a nation to live on land? Does he not already have a divine right to the planet? Does he not have a divine right to make a home wherever he feels comfortable? If he doesn't, we must conclude that we have rulers. How can he be stateless? How can someone be homeless at home?

The biggest achievement in a man's life is love. No amount of hard work can get him love. No amount of money can buy him love. Most will never achieve it.

The reason why Schrödinger's cat is neither alive nor dead until observed is that dead and alive are man-made concepts. Don't take me seriously.

Man is mayavi. And the universe is like a playful rambunctious child. The moment he walks into the room, she quickly cleans up her room like nothing ever happened. Man sees order and acts like he does not what's going on. The child knows she is gonna be crazy the moment he walks out. So does her father. But they go on to play this game forever.


I don't get it! The room is a mess. I think human is the child. The universe our kindergarten. Maybe rather some pre Kindergarten toddler thing.


It's all a metaphor. The child is the infinite, formless. The moment man opens his eyes (walks into the room) suddenly the universe arranges itself into order and forms. What he sees he calls real (the physical world). The moment he shuts his eyes, the universe again becomes formless (probability distribution in physics).

Everything happens in your favor once you realize it. Just give up trying to control and you shall know what I mean. People get on the hard side of the unknown because they want to control everything. But look at the kid who controls his laughter. All he does is laugh. Once you give up control, the unknown (which is also your manifestation) will guide you to exactly where you should be, just how a riverbed guides a river to the ocean.

I don't believe in privileges. I do not even demand rights, not even equality. Give me challenges and disadvantages. It's only by overcoming them have I become the man I am.

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