Linkedin Posts From 2017 Part Two

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LinkedIn posts from 2017, part two -

Noticed a girl filming me, but I gave her the benefit of the doubt, "she may be facetiming ". As I walked by, her camera remained focused on me.

I just smiled and furthered the benefit of the doubt. She said, "Tsunami you'd ignore me like that?"

"Ignore you? What do you mean?"

"We have class together. We have talked. Don't you remember me?"

"I am afraid I don't. Which class?"

"Consumer Behavior. You sat towards the right."

"I am sorry that I never noticed you. I look at the teacher in class, not at others."

"And what's your name?"

"You don't even remember my name. You are so famous."

"Am I? For what reason?"

"For being you. You are just you. And people just love you."

"I appreciate that."

"See you next semester."

"Have a good day."

That's the best compliment I have ever received. I am famous not because I do something but because I am something, me. My brand identity matches my brand image. This is also how I think of competitive advantage. Your competitors can copy anything you do but not what you are, which is what you should stand on. A state of being is extremely more causally ambiguous than performing acts that cause measurable results. Are you keeping it real?

On 23 hours, 5 group projects, two things I did wrong -

1. Most were open-ended projects, meaning they never really get done. I put insane amounts of effort before even looking at all the projects' constraints. Some were actually easier if only I had established constraints and deliverables before working on fulfilling all of those. Without hard-set constraints, a lot of work didn't translate into deliverables.

2. I visualized all of them due a few days before they were actually due. That made me artificially work harder. To maintain blissful ignorance, I didn't check. However, such an insane workload actually induced stress, not much though. Under stress, I did not produce my prime work. I wonder if I would have done better had I been aware of all the due dates and had planned accordingly.

Should we research and learn before establishing constraints or do it backwards? Should we artificially declare a due date sooner than the actual due date? Or the stress isn't worth it?

Increase your productivity to sleep more.

Let x be the number of hours person A sleeps and y be the same for person B. They are the exact same. Only A sleeps less. Hence x < y.

A can potentially work (24 - x) hours, which means every hour 1/(24-x) units of work. Since B sleeps more, he/she would have to compensate for y-x hours, which is {1/(24-x)} X (y-x) = (y-x)/(24-x)

Now, B can allocate (y-x)/(24-x) work over (24-y) hours.

Therefore, B must increase his/her productivity {(y-x)/(24-x)}/ (24-y) units every hour. Here, allow me to coin a term, Productivity Multiple. PM = required productivity to compensate for time lost/ previous duration of work.

For instance, if (x,y) = (6,8), PM is 0.006944, meaning B would have to work .006944 more than A every hour to make up for sleeping two hours more. Mind you, here I have assumed that both work all waking hours. If they work less, B would have to be even more productive every working hour. I have made several assumptions, ignored several factors, yet the numbers say something. Stop making excuses that you do not have time. Every moment, do your best.

I think people should not compete with others. When they do, they are limited by how good others are. That's a cap on your productivity. When you don't compete, you can go way beyond the best guy. You can't wake up at 6 and stop growing when you know Eric Thomas wakes up at 3. Don't be Vegeta. His excellence is capped at Goku's level. Be Goku.

I often get uncomfortable when employers ask about strength and weakness as if humans are machines that have certain features and defects. I feel compelled to dismiss the question. For real, I can do anything. I can learn whatever I can't do. I do not know my weaknesses, because people are too polite to indicate my flaws. I am not that polite, but people do not like it either.

Qualities we should really be talking about should be the ability to wake up early, to show love to your folks, to forgive people, to be grudge-free, to actually listen to people without judging or evaluating, and most importantly to be emphatic and humble. With these, any skill can be acquired.

I want to requote Eric Thomas, "the most important thing is to be able, at any moment, to sacrifice what you are for what you will become." I think of it so many times. Everyone knows what it means, yet people are often unsure of their priorities.

Having attended to a handicapped just for a few days, I can say that he is no more handicapped than others. Those who have everything self-handicap. I see so many folks perfectly capable of everything, yet they are trapped by self-imposed limitations. They have great families, good health, and access to everything. It's only we who don't act. The universe or God (if any) does not hold a grudge against anyone.

It's strange when people have everything, yet they play safe. They are afraid to act because colleges won't accept them, employers won't hire them, and girls won't date them.

This leads to at least these two issues -

1. People spend most of their lives pleasing others, passively disregarding the one truth of life: we will die very soon. No wonder, people are not happy. They are pleasing others, not themselves.

2. People lack experience. Because they are always safe, they never have to do anything different. Life becomes predictable. In this case, unpredictability discomforts them. A difference in scales and standards definitely does.

PS. I am not advocating recklessness. I am advocating being and doing yourself because your time is limited. Every moment, you are heading to the grave.

Beware of the mediocre, the average. When they call something hard or difficult, they are not actually saying that the task is difficult. They are just projecting their own inabilities on you.

Someone needs to tell me why Marketing Research is often focused on studying people's attitudes when people's attitudes do not necessarily predict their behavior (prevailing wisdom in psychology).

Being unemployed advantaged me. I am graduating in Fall 17, took me 2 and a half year.

The secret here was asset use. Being perpetually unemployed afforded me time to spend on class schedules, extra-curricula, recreational reading, Toastmasters, sports, cooking, exploring Linux distros, clashing with departments to get overrides, motivating people, annihilating my classes, and much more. I made no money, but I saved so much tuition cost and time. There's always an opportunity in every obstacle.

"I don't have time. I am too busy." If I care about completing a task, I will do it regardless of my business by multi-tasking, giving up rest, meal(s), and sleep. Never say you don't have time. You can never mean it.

People have artificially lowered their scale of difficulty, which makes most tasks difficult and life miserable. Difficulty can't be quantified. Its scale is self-made. Therefore, pain and discomfort of difficulty are also self-inflicted. Don't base your scale of difficulty on what others are capable of or what you have done so far. You have no clue how far you can go. Just upgrade your scale of difficulty and keep upgrading to be able to easily perform seemingly difficult tasks.

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