Income Inequality & Hypergamy

Updated: Jun 21

From the perceptive of a young animalistic woman (a female), it is not economically reasonable to settle for an average man. All he can give her is sex which she can get at a bar anyway without getting tied down. Thus, the marginal cost of singledom is nothing, but the marginal benefit is potentially a lot. She might end up meeting a man who makes 10x an average man. The difference between marrying a man who earns 30k and 300k is massive, Thus, at least in the US, most females compete for just a few men. Others are simply invisible. This also results in “the mean girl phenomenon”. They hate everyone who is prettier because they feel threatened that she might steal “that one elite guy”.

In a free economy that has a real currency, limited to no government, and no taxation would have much less income inequality and a much higher rate of self-employment. The wealth distribution curve would likely look like the curves for IQ, height, and weights. Here, the females wouldn't compete for just a few males because the marginal cost of hypergamy would be more than the marginal benefit of it. It would suck to stay single for a year and not meet anyone who earns even twice the average income. Who they marry would not make a massive class difference because there wouldn’t be a have-all ruling class and a have-nothing working class. There simply wouldn't be enough spread in income levels to justify hypergamy. In such a society, females wouldn't compete as much wither other females. They would be friendlier, and potentially mature into thoughtful women.

At the same time, the average man would get attention from girls, allowing him to have a say. The moment he has a say, he won't let women disrespect him. Thus, the simp army would shrink to the level it once used to be. When the simp population declines, real men wouldn't allow women to be hoes. This is still true in cultures where men largely don’t date/marry opportunistic and disrespectful women.

I can't blame females for the modern world, nor can I blame the simps. The simps know very well that they won't get laid acting like real men. They are more likely to go to jail or humiliated for trying hard. I recall a time when I was 15 and talked to a girl in a manner considered too bold. I heard she talked shit behind my back. I Never talked to her again and continued to be bold. But there are men who give up their manhood to impress women, while I prefer to stay single all my life than to let women disrespect me.

Contrary to popular opinion, females haven’t gotten particularly more immoral. They are simply acting in their best interest. The worse the inequality, the more men become invisible, the fewer men women compete for. Some of these invisible men turn into simps. These simps worship women, encouraging them to overvalue themselves and wait for an elite man, while the simps remains invisible.

PS. If you are not an animalistic woman, look for a virtuous man, not a rich man. A rich man can make your life prosperous but not happy.

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