Opportunities Don't Make A Man. Obstacles Do

Updated: May 30

I worked hard throughout school, staying on top of my classes but all opportunities went to the teachers' pets, nothing new about it. At graduation at 17, I still wasn't ready for economic freedom. Employers sought a college degree. But colleges were not interested in me, nor was I. Somehow, I got accepted to a college. I performed top tier, finishing 4 years of work in 2 and a half years, yet summa cum laude.

You guessed it right. I never found an internship at my education level. My degree is pretty useless, as I predicted it would be. I failed at all extra-curriculars I participated in. The only speech competition I placed third was when only three people participated. I was disqualified for all scholarships save one, for all on-campus jobs save one, all internships, and all jobs post-graduation save one but life rejected me this time. The recruiter couldn't extend the offer to a foreigner. I approached a Clinical Psychology lab to seek work. I was open to working for free, but their interest subsided when I disapproved of unethical research practices. They didn't even hire me for free.

After so much hard work, the system spat me out like chewing gum, which I could see happening (explains my reluctance to attend college). The entire time I felt as if the education system was a sorting model, to separate real people from zombies. They promoted students who were open to lie and quietly uphold the status quo. Those who protested were detained. But I was great at academics too, always one of the top guys. I had no behavioural issues. They couldn't get rid of me, so they silently ignored me and blamed my attitude for my failures.

I haven't had any fun in life. I started pulling all-nighters ever since I was 12. I pulled my first three-nighter when I was 14. I wanted to do my very best. In college, I sacrificed all Friday nights to write my papers with integrity, never halfassed a single paper. I sacrificed my social life, sleep, and food to do the same things that my peers halfassed. I sacrificed my spring breaks to read books so I could someday become qualified enough to find work. I gave up all young days to apply for scholarships and internships that I never got. That day never arrived. It was worse than slavery. Not only I didn't get paid for my work, but I also paid them to teach me things that were either not needed or just wrong or both.

But I didn't fall desolate. I had doubts about the world from the beginning. I know that degrees and grades are worthless but wisdom is priceless. Therefore, I subscribed to an insurance policy of hard and meaningful work. And that, no one can take from me. I read an insane amount of books, journals, and articles. I educated myself in math, physics, business, psychology, economics, and philosophy. No one can take that for me. The system was a lie, exactly as I thought. Now, I will claim my insurance to expose it. This time, I am not looking for any opportunity. I am making my own. On this blog, I will tell the truth. And I will win, for truth resonates with all.

This blog is not a result of an opportunity I got. I got nothing. Don't let the world make you weak. Don't even go begging for them. Opportunities can't make you successful. Obstacles decide who gets success and who doesn't. When tried and tested, some flinch. Some go home. He who stays grinds up to the next level. Overcoming obstacles is precisely how you build character and wisdom. It is a process of failing and getting up a thousand times, gathering courage, and speaking truth to power. The story I tell here is the culmination of more than a decade of overcoming obstacles. Are you with me?

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