It's A Part Of Growing Up

Liberals grow up to become conservatives, but Christians don’t grow up to become non- Christians? Right before leaving Starkville, a friend asked me that question.

It is a part of growing up to hate paying hefty taxes. They loved it when others had to pay it. When they want to start a business, they want an open market so they can compete with major players. When they get older and want to invest, they want the markets to do good, which again requires a free market.

It is a part of growing up to learn that redistribution of money can’t solve poverty because it is like bandaid to the economy. It does not cure the problem.

It is a part of growing up to learn that poverty is not natural. It is produced via excessive taxation, currency manipulation, minimum wages, occupational licensing, protectionism, and other politically motivated economic policies. All forms of centralized planning cause poverty. There is nothing to be done, rather things that need to be undone to free the poor.

It is a part of growing up to learn that public education is not educating the masses, rather dumbing them down. Ever wondered why teachers hated you for asking questions? And then you grew afraid of asking questions and calling out bullshit? The point was to create an obedient population which follows orders. And remarkably, they have succeeded.

It is a part of growing up to realize that charities do not help, rather impede the organic growth of communities. When people are given free stuff by charities, it punishes those who want to make them in exchange for money or for something else that someone else is making. That is how a primitive economy grows. People making stuff is called production, measured in Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Charities impede GDP growth

It is a part of growing up to learn that wars occur because we have armies. It is the job of the soldiers to kill. They often have no particular interest in killing, nor in staying away from their families, but they must do it because that is how they feed their families.

It is part of growing up to realize that border conflicts occur because there are borders. Do you want to divide and antagonize people who have been living together for thousands of years? Erect a border. Within two-generation, they would forget their stared ancestry and hate their distant relatives.

It is only a part of growing up to realize that societal values are artificially destroyed via economic hardship and wage slavery. Back in college, many employees hated liberal hypocrisy. Some of them were aware of the education loan bubble but all stayed silent. Hence, they became an active participant in a racket. When the bubble bursts, poverty will rise, and so will crimes. Detroit, Michigan, is an example.

It is only a part of growing up to learn that the government which promises our freedom is the entity taking it from us. All government employees, besides the ones directly elected by the people, are working in the interest of the government, not in that of the people. They get paid by the government, not by the people. The police is here to protect people who pay their salaries not to protect us. They would become brutal the moment their bosses pulled the strings.

So why do Christians not outgrow Christianity? I didn’t have a good answer that day. Perhaps, religion and spirituality are so philosophically convoluted that it may take them an insane amount of study and analysis to grow out of it. But I was wrong.

It is perhaps a part of getting old or of even dying to grow out of Christianity. If it does not happen in life, it will happen close to death, at the moment of death, or at death. Ever seen a Christian corpse? Death is the realization of that truth. There is no Atheist, Muslim, or Hindu corpse. All labels, all belief systems end at death. The ego dies. They unite with the universe again, which is where they had come from to begin with. Ever seen a Christian baby, Muslim baby, or an Atheist baby? They do not exist. Babies are just babies. They have no identity other than the universe or nature itself.

It is only a part of growing up to wonder if we live in a divine world, where everything was already perfect, 100% in balance. No law or public policy was needed because the higher law was in place. Then, someone ate the fruit of knowledge. They built governments and elaborate legal structures to improve what they had inherited. They started to think that they knew better. They thought they had a leg up on the Universe or perhaps on God (if any). However, everything they did only made things worse as I have stated above. Perhaps, children hold that wisdom which is why they only play, not worry, before the world tells them all sorts of lies.

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