Laws of Hustle: An Unfinished Book

Updated: Apr 12

In fall 2016, someone who I thought was my friend jokingly asked me to write a book about hustle. I saw no reason not to do it. The following principles allowed me to finish college in 2 and a half years. Then, I fell chronically sick. When I woke up on the other side (several months later), I had forgotten about it. Life took a busy turn, and I did not recover it until January 2020, which was partly the motivation behind this blog. I am posting it here if someone wants to read it for fun.


The idea came today’s morning. I must appreciate [name removed because the person turned out fake] for inviting me to Haunted House Park. The conversation happened before my 9 am class. You [she] were about to go to Bowen. Today is friday. I am sitting in Dr. Donna Gainer's class. Having found the idea is the positive statement for today.


Two principles you must work on are "know that you can do anything" and "every moment do your best". If what you are doing is not the best you can do, you must game up.

1. It does not matter where you start from. Some people are born blind, deaf.

2. The world is not supposed to care. Most die in anonymity.

3. You must focus on things that make money, not on things that steal it. For example, your job, your education are things that make money. Your phone steals your money and time. In the end, you get "nothing but a bill" (inspired by Eric Thomas).

4. Even food is an expense. In dire situations, you must cut intake. By law, you must not fail, for you have only life to succeed and only one moment to act.

5. Some say you should enjoy every moment of your life without thinking too much, which is justifiable. I concede to that. However, this applies to people who already have good lives or at least normal life. If you have been denied the pleasures of a warm childhood, of a close-nit family, of friendship and love, or of basic sustenance, you must attain greatness. You do not have much to lose.

6. Yet grab every moment. Talk to that girl. Do not stop yourself by being too focused to miss a great opportunity.

7. Never oversleep, no matter what day it is. Sleep research is not conclusive. I assume adequate sleep should increase your productivity. However, oversleeping only makes you more dead.

8. When you wake up should not be related to when you go to sleep. It pushes you to schedule yourself to sleep on time. Such a schedule naturalizes your efforts to wake up. Someday, you may not even need an alarm.

9. Never say something is hard. By saying that, you handicap yourself. Is it hard because not many are doing it? How many do you know? There are 7 billion people on this planet.

10. Do not base your perception of difficulty on what others are doing. You are unaware of your abilities. If I magically endow everyone with the ability to run twice as fast you do, you will soon catch up.

11. Although I encourage you to sleep more, you must possess the ability to stay up all night or a few nights in a row; If an opportunity shows up, you must have time to claim it, before others do.

12. Change your outlook towards hard work. You should not only be ready but willing to give up sleep. In fact, you should be pleased to say that you have not slept for 50 hours because you want to be successful.

The next few laws explain how to deal with people you find difficult.

13. Stop judging or forming opinions. You do not have time for that. You are very likely to forget the person you are about to curse.

14. Even if you find someone dumb or stupid, do not dislike or put him down, just as you won’t put down a cat for not comprehending physics.

15. If you are stuck with a stupid, don’t say much. Ask about things she likes. Having spent years on the planet, she must have experienced and seen things you haven't. Find out what skill, what piece of knowledge she has, and make her share it. Beat out whatever knowledge she has. As soon as the situation facilitates parting, greet and thank her for her wisdom.

16. When you succeed, two things are very likely to occur. Those who know your effort and persistence will admire you. Those who didn't see you hustle and fail but only succeed may hate. They may even call your success fortunate, not made. In that case, they may get jealous of your fortune, e.i. you. The next few laws explain how to deal with haters.

17. You can choose not to respond to haters. There are 7 billion people on this planet. You practically cannot respond to everybody.

18. You may engage in a positive conversation until they start to believe that your hustle is genuine. For example, if I say I never took a vacation in the first 20 years of my life, people may not admire that in the short term. Over time, if they came across people I grew up with, they would know that I truly never took a vacation. Once their sample size is good enough to establish a causal relationship between your hustle and progress, they will actually begin to admire you. If someone is not nice to you, you have not yet acquired them. Acquire every group and everyone to rule.

19. In the short term, when a positive conversation cannot happen, do not reveal your success or improvement. If you think you are more intellectually developed (there’s no way to quantifiable tell it though), don’t let them even smell it. Artificially lower yourself to bond with them so you can understand them and learn from them.

20. Do not dislike people for not working hard. Some people have good lives and lack the fire to improve, which is completely fine. Their actions and judgment of the same must be irrelevant to you. You must entirely focus only on your goals and actions.

21. Success is creating the purposeful, not being appreciated for it. If you painted something with a genuine purpose, you are already successful. Whether you sell or not is secondary. The intention of the painting was to be a painting and convey your purpose, which is done. Some may claim that such a reckless notion of success may encourage people to draw paintings and write books carelessly, and call themselves successful. However, if they do that, they would instinctively feel that they have not fulfilled any purpose, which means they are not successful.

22. Entrepreneurship isn't making money. It is to fulfill a purpose or solve a problem. If you manage to do that, you are successful even if your bank balance is 0. If you doubt that, you are probably chasing money, not entrepreneurship.

23. Money should be secondary, for it adds little value to life, yet I concede that extreme destitution worsens your life. Poverty is not to be celebrated either.

24. Champion Yourself. If somebody is deriding you, you can taunt back, but you will only waste your time and get distracted. Thus, you must walk away. Soon, they and their derisive words will be forgotten. Tempting it is to reply and champion them, but you must champion yourself.

25. Be wary of what you want, for the world is fair. In general, you get things in the same things you prioritize. For example, if your priorities are parties> women> food> success, you get parties first, then women, then weight, then success though tentative. However, if your priorities are success over anything, you would give up everything. Chances of getting fat or getting women would be less, but, at the same time, chances of success would be remarkably high. Back in fall 15, I got plenty of phone numbers and two Bs. The next semester, I got no phone numbers and scored 6 whooping As. Be sure about what you want, for you might just get it.

26. You must not victimize yourself, e.g., “I am a minority. People discriminate against me”. When you victimize yourself, a goal lower than what you can achieve starts to look glorious and satisfactory. You dare not downgrade your aims. Look higher. Dignify your goal. It will require extra grind, but it will only enhance you.

27. The real world does not accept excuses. Stories of people who rose to success from utter destitution sadden us only because they became successful. There are those who never got the limelight. They exist in oblivion, their stories untold. [They are many who never made. Pissed off, their stories remained untold.] To this world, your stories, struggles, and tears matter only if you succeed ultimately, so stay there. Albeit hurt, stagger, crawl, or whatever. Just don’t give up. Keep moving towards your goal.

28. You must focus on improving as much as possible, not just more than everyone else. Do not even compare yourself with anyone. Be so hard that when the time comes, you are not just ahead but so far ahead that nobody's even close.

29. You must not avoid hard work. Every time you avoid it, you miss an opportunity to advance yourself. When your legs are hurting, you may feel the temptation to take the stairs. That moment is the right moment to test your limits, when you absolutely feel like you cannot do it. Only in this moment can you transcend your abilities. Go back and take a few more flights.

The following laws were written in 2017.

30. Quit giving a damn. You will have to get to a point where you do not seek others’ approval. If you check your social media for likes and notifications, then you are not quite there. Just turn off those notifications and produce your work. The moment you fully control your instinctive temptations, you will understand what I mean.

31. The first few things you do in the morning should reflect the kind of person you want to be. Utilize the morning to prime you. Read a great book, work out, talk to your family, read out your goals aloud, etc. Become the person you want to be so you can chase him/her the entire day.

32. You must never snooze your morning alarm. With enough repetition, snoozing may become habitual and unintentional, which will be very hard to break out of. Such habits may become unconscious.

33. Every moment, do your best. If you think you are not doing your absolute best, game up. Whatever you are doing, try doing it better. There are several implications of this law, which you must find yourself. For instance, being mad does not help you gain health, wealth, or knowledge. You can spend that moment better. Therefore, I declare feelings such as anger, hate, and regret unlawful.

34. You must believe in your dream regardless of the possibility. In fact, its possibility should be irrelevant to you. If your dream is objectively possible, then belief and work should eventually lead to success. If not, you would die trying, which should be enjoyable, provided your dream is your passion. If it is not enjoyable, then you must stop reading me and do something else. Whether your dream is possible or not, if you don’t believe in it, you never try hard enough. You fail by default (inspired by J.K. Rowling's speech at Harvard, 7:00).

35. You must never press your work towards the deadline. Sometimes, life will get hard and busy. You will not get time to enjoy. In such situations, people often choose to hangout or enjoy first and work really hard towards the end of the interval. However, this is unlawful. You must start as soon as you get the task. Mastery goals may not give you any more extrinsic rewards than avoidance performance goals, yet mastery goals are advantageous. The reasons are -

a. More chances of task completion.

b. More satisfaction with the task.

c. You avoid planning fallacy.

d. You have time to grab an opportunity if it shows up.

e. Respite, food, hanging out, sleep, party, or any other indulgences are more fulfilling and glorious after task completion.

f. You end up with more knowledge/wisdom, which is what matters the most. For example, college students may study some slides and score well. I admit reading the book can add only a few extra points but a lot of extra knowledge, which never goes unaccounted for.

What if a task is humongous and everything cannot be suspended until task completion?

g. Divide the task into smaller tasks. For example, divide a 500 hundred pages book in 5 parts.

h. Progressively increase the size of the small task. (200 pages before respite and so forth)

36. Fall short of a grand goal than attain an easy goal. Try not to let even the former happen. Recalibrate your perception of difficulty.

37. Avoid non-consequential actions. Only you know what is non-consequential in your circumstances. For example, I find belittling people non-consequential. It does not take me anywhere.

38. Plan everything around your goal rather than the other way round.

39. I now outlaw sexual fantasies because that is not the best man can do. Not a single man in history has ever been known for his sexual conquests even though each has participated more or less in it. Yet we have those who did not, such as Mother Teresa, Nikola Tesla, and Isaac Newton.

40. Sexual fantasies are non-consequential, thus, illegal under laws of hustle. It makes no sense to fantasize about a woman who is not physically present with you. You can't do anything.

41. Unsatisfied sexual state reduces your power. When seduced, your satisfaction depends on the actions of others, which leads you to have expectations. To obtain ultimate power, you have to stop caring about others and their actions, which is not possible in the given situation. This state can only be resolved by intellectual reinforcements that satisfy you perpetually. You need higher pleasures.

42. In the state of seduction, men do not engage in their prime behaviors, which are exercise of free will and intellectual pleasure. They also waste tremendous amount of time wishing for things contingent on the actions of others.

43. Due to its instinctive nature, sexual impulse is used by people and businesses to chain others down. Every stimulus makes men prone to an impulse, while an impulse itself is a stimulus. This way, a sexual stimulus multiplies itself. Therefore, do not waste your time on sexual stimuli.

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