Linkedin Posts From 2019 Part Two

Updated: Apr 29

LinkedIn posts from 2019, part two -

The purpose of writing is not to exemplify rules of grammar but to effectively communicate a message.

Only the good stuff, people don't tell their sad stories on social media. Deep down, they are afraid no one cares. It's like asking the depressed to reach out for help, when they are depressed because no one cared when they did. That they have to reach out is a symptom of a toxic society, not a solution.

Regardless, I don't think men should cry. Women should not cry either.

The social justice narrative is only making people weak because it eliminates the incentive for people to master their feelings. And it allows them to blame the world for being insensitive, when they actually need to drop expectations from people and free themselves in the process. Allow people to not care. They don't have to. You are welcome to cry, but know that no one is looking. Probably, no one cares, so you better buck up.


Fully and completely disagree with the idea that somehow crying is not “healthy” for a grown man. Whoever you are referring to as “we” when you state it is childish to cry as if you have a consensus, are the problem with the world today. Lack of empathy, lack of compassion, lack of understanding, lack of anything normal in regards to emotional competence. There’s nothing manly about telling people to suck it up and refrain from expressing their emotions. Understanding your emotions and embracing them is crucial to loving yourself and becoming the best you can possibly be during your walk. This is true emotional intelligence which is the key to successful living and servant leadership.


Dale Dupree "lack of empathy, lack of compassion, lack of understanding .."

This is exactly what happens when people are encouraged to cry rather than grow up. They continue to blame the world for lack of empathy and fail to drop their expectations from the world, which is the real cause of their sorrow. Thanks for exemplifying my thesis.

If each held up his neighbors, his Muslim neighbor, his Christian neighbor, his Chinese neighbor, and they held up theirs, the nation would become too strong for any government to oppress. That's why it is said," love your neighbor as yourself."

It might be more beneficial to question what you know than to know more. What you do not know may not hurt you as much as what you know wrong. Chances are everything you know is all wrong.

Men who chase money are ideal slaves. You can direct them exactly how you can direct a cat with catfood. Only men with virtue are free. Perhaps, that is why there is an attempt to destroy virtue in educational institutions, media, and religious institutions.

A nation is not prosperous so long there is even one homeless man. [A nation that has even one homeless man has failed]. We must look to find out if even the lowest of citizens has access to food, water, home, and healthcare. But that doesn't mean socialism. I am talking about markets that are open enough to let even the weakest transact.

Air and water are more aware of your feelings than you think. Think in terms of fields (electric, magnetic, etc) that go right through your head, with no respect for privacy.

He who appreciates everything and everyone loses the ability to appreciate anything at all.

If no belief was a belief, rocks would become believers.

I can't assure you that you are gonna win. That really is not in your control.

But work hard. Give it your everything. If you still lost, it would a battle well-fought. You would be taken out doing what you love. If you won, you would be able to thank those who helped you.

With no lust for victory, no fear of defeat, do your thing. Keep it 100.

I used to think religion caused wars but now I see it is money. Religion is only a cover up.

When everyone says thank you, you suddenly are out of words when you do want to thank someone.

A friendship based on agreements is only as good as an agreement. It dissolves as soon as there is any disagreement.

Is no one gonna talk about negative interest rates? How about interest rate close to 0?

Perhaps, some would use this opportunity to refinance their debts. How about the masses who would just take on more debt? Are the gonna use debt productively? Or produce useless products and services that don't add any real value.

Is it an attempt to debt trap more citizens or an attempt to hide a global deflation? Are we about to become solidified in history textbooks?

If you like someone for liking you back, then who you really like is yourself, not them.

When I talk about the law, I don't mean laws that governments make but those that are not made but are revealed to men via reason and faith. I mean the law of gravity, the law of conservation of energy, not lying, not stealing. I mean not having expectations and giving up of the self.

Every winner was once a loser. There was a time Usain Bolt didn't finish first. Gary Vaynerchuk made 1000 episodes of Wine TV. I had still never heard of him.

It is a lie to that wages offer more security than profits when wages are only a piece of the cake aka profits.

If two people never disagree, at least one is lying.

What a waste of money if you died rich! And what a waste of life if you slaved for that money!

Every fake was once real. Call them out but don't abandon them until they give up their facade.

4 years ago, I was a freshman in college. My roommate told me I read slow. He was right.

I never had to read growing up in India. I was only taught Math and Science. I had never read any psychology, economics, or philosophy.

2 years down the line, I could read a book a day. 4 years down the line today, I write on topics that are heavily inspired by psychology, economics, theology, and philosophy.

Never underestimate how much time you have. Just keep putting in 80-100 hours/week, I guarantee progress.

I don't know if I can spot a lie, because I just do not care. Most of the time, there is no money involved, making most individual lies innocuous. I assume everyone is telling the truth until contradictory evidence emerges.

If your actions back up your words, it is futile to make a promise.

When people really keep it real, they become memorable. When they follow a pattern, they become photocopies.

Part of waking up is to wonder if you woke up from a dream or woke up to it.

How to make people insecure 101-

Tell them how awesome they are and not call them out on their bullshit.

To give with expectations is fundamentally not giving. You are doing it for yourself.

You are not saving anyone's feelings when you don't tell the truth. Their feelings will be hurt whenever they discover they were living a lie. Therefore, keep it 100. It is pointless to do otherwise.

Don't say too much, for it is action that counts, not words.

Don't make too many promises. Your ego may get tied to them.

Do real estate to make money. Do a podcast to grow your business. Invest all your money. And then? Do you feel like doing podcasts? Do you feel like producing content?

In almost 24 years of my life, I have faced both starvation and homelessness. But I can tell you life was the worst whenever I had to do things I didn't want to do. Please don't be a slave to money, success, and fame. Live free like a bird. Don't worry. Even the worst of freedom is better than the best of enslavement.

You will regret not knowing the people you are ignoring, so quit watching YouTube or listening to podcasts. Interact with lives you actually touch.

You don't need a coach. You just need to tell the truth. It will set you on fire.

Branding has little to do you with what you say and how you present yourself. It has EVERYTHING to do with whether your actions back what you say.

Don't make content for the sake of making it. Honestly, I don't feel like people should be watching TV, YouTube, or listening to Podcasts all the time. This sounds like a sad existence.

It would be awesome if people just do their jobs and spent their free time doing whatever they feel like doing instead of self-regulating.

Work 100hr/week, but guess who gets all the opportunities? The teacher's pet. The person who is making the choice is not the one paying for it. A boot-licking culture is bred and rewarded in schools and colleges. Meritocracy exists only in the free market because customers pay for their choice, good or bad.

People who have too much greed are not even alive. They are so much in the chase that they do not even breathe. They are dead.

If people only redirect their social media time to listening to people next to them, their social media won't grow. THEY will grow instead.

Most calls are spam. I still call back in case it was someone in a car accident. You don't want to be the last person someone talked to.

Every other day we are reminded of how precious life is, how easy it is for you to lose it. I do feel grateful I did not get killed in a mass shooting, grateful I do not have cancer. But at the same time, I doubt what I am truly grateful for? That someone else was shot down? That someone else has cancer? What kind of gratitude is that? A life lost is a life lost, regardless of who fell. All suffering is suffering, regardless of who suffered. We may try to shrug it off, but deep down, we know that we are not separate from it all as much as we like to think we are. We know that everything happening outside happens to a part of us. What then is gratitude?

Pour water into a giant hole in the ground. It becomes an ocean. Pour it on top of a hill, you get a creek. Water bodies are illusions. What we are talking about is the surface of the earth, which gets manifested in what we call water bodies.

Give a man responsibilities. Watch him become responsible. Give him money but no work. Watch him become wasteful. Give him work with no money. Watch him become a slave. Make him a father. Watch him become fatherly. Make him a brother. Watch him become brotherly. Give him nothing. Watch him become nothing. The influence of role on the human psyche is overwhelming.

Look outside. Yellow butterflies are still chasing each other. Birds are still gliding. Leaves are still calmly floating along with the breeze as if they were swimming in gentle waters.

The spider web at the corner of the windowpane is still waving. You can hear the perpetual commotion of birds, though you can't see them. They are too far.

The universe was always here. I don't know how many epochs it has waited only for you to come play along. Are you gonna keep it waiting for longer? Drop your restraints, my friend. Come out to participate in the cosmic dance.

Those who look for people with the same values have not known friendship. They are not looking for a friend. They are looking to justify their values. They are looking for a comfort zone. They are too much in love with themselves to love anyone else. But that comfort zone is a cage.

People don't ask big questions because they fear being wrong. Or may I say they fear the truth?

A journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step? I think it is 1 mile less, 1 lap less, 1 hour less.

The general model is action--lack of reward--action. It extinguishes behavior unless people find the action intrinsically rewarding.

I propose action--negative reinforcement--action. It strengthens the behavior because negative reinforcement is a very powerful motivator.

Someone just asked me about the next big thing on the stock market.

I asked him to BE the next big thing on the market. Invest in yourself and in your own business, and go defeat the S&P.

To talk about quality is to talk about a commodity. To talk about what inspires you to produce it and what it represents is to talk about a brand.

Once we understand everything is our own fault, life becomes easy. It's crazy.

Do not regulate your speech just to not offend people. If you consider everyone's feelings, you become society's slave. Do not regulate your speech in the fear of losing friends. Those who forsake you just because they are offended were never your friends. Just tell the truth. That's the best you can do for yourself, and for others.

Advisor- "How are you gonna graduate in 4 years?"

I did it in 2 and a half years.

"I am gonna finish managerial accounting in 2 days."


"I can do muscle-ups".

Show me.

"I can do one hand push-ups".

Show me.

"If my car is dead, I am gonna ride my bike to work even if it is June."

No, you are kidding.

"No, I am not."

People tell you can't do something, because they can't do it. They impose their mediocrity on you.

Something very funny happens when people fake too much. Last time, they said "nice to meet you", "appreciate you", and a lot of bullshit. When they get too tired of lying, they start to avoid the individual altogether. They know they would have to wear a fake face again. They know they would have to resume the facade they began last time, but they are tired of lying and faking. They end up hiding or acting as if they did not see him so they don't have to fake. If they only gave up hypocrisy, they would not have to do any of that crap.

As a reader, I have wondered, since fall of 2017, why so many books, reports, and research papers are bullshit, or at least irrelevant. My hypothesis is that researchers are bullshitting through their degrees because there's free money in the system and more money at the end.

Reminds me of why incubators rarely produce great businesses. People can think of ideas (what) to win the prize money but cannot think of "why". The "why" here is a mission, without which, there can be no strategy. In other words, it is the prize money that incentivizes bullshit ideas.

If we think carefully, an economy with no legal tender may never crash, because people would have alternate measures of value. There may not ever be a liquidity crisis.

I don't buy it when folks say, "who would teach our children?" That's when I say that governments shouldn't spend on education either. If you want to know about Marketing, stalk Gary Vaynerchuk. You will find out everything there is to be known about Marketing and Branding. If you want to learn strategy, stalk Simon Sinek. You can read books sure, but I think shadowing these folks online is more beneficial than going to college for four years. And yes, it costs nothing.

Part of the reason why I chose not to continue institutionalized education is that I despise credentialism. It breeds distrust in any society. There were days when someone could fix a child's bruise with minimal first aid. Now, that someone cannot do anything without being asked, "are you a registered nurse?" In modern societies, even if God showed up, people would ask for a degree in physics, psychology, or medicine.

I do not buy GDP as a measure of prosperity at all.

Consider an example -

Household I produces 4 units of food, 2 units of shoes, and 4 units of clothes. They have a GDP of 10 units.

Household II produces 2 units of food, 1 of shoes, 1 of clothes, and 2 units of tax services, and 4 units of weapons. They have a GDP of 10. Which household is more prosperous? The moment we translate GDP into monetary value we fail to see what all products and services an economy is producing, which indicates its real productivity and wealth.

It is a misconception that an importing nation is dependent on or weaker than an exporting nation. True, China has a surplus with the US. but it will tank if the US tanks. That $35 billion gap tells you how much Chinese producers depend on US consumers. I have not even mentioned secondary effects, such as folks who earn from the US market and spend on cheap Chinese products. So many jobs in India exist only because the US has created conditions that incentivize outsourcing. If the market tanks, shit goes down in both nations.

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