Lies Againt Self-Employment

I heard so many times that entrepreneurship is not for everybody. It requires a lot of effort. WRONG. Everyone should be self-employed because it is the right way to live. There are some exceptions, which I’ll discuss later.

The two most difficult things in life are finding a life partner and getting a job. If you have gotten even close to either without using any deceptive means, you can be self-employed. The reason is that these two tasks require someone else's will.

You can work 90-100 hours a week if you choose to. You can go run at 4 am when it is freezing outside. You can take freezing cold showers. You can read a book a day if you really want to. All of these require your own will and effort. I have done all of them.

But you can’t get a job just by your own will. You can apply for all jobs on this planet and still get rejected everywhere. There is someone else’s will involved, which you can’t change, because you two are two different persons. Similarly, you can’t find a partner just by your own will. Someone else has to like you too.

In my own life, I have had a much easier time selling random things. In comparison, when it comes to getting a job, it seems like I have a wall to my face. I just can’t move it or break it because I can’t touch it. It moves by someone else’s will. Therefore, I think everyone should be self-employed. If you have ever found a job without lying, you can definitely start a business. Or you can just be an independent producer/provider or service, a free agent.

Who should be an employee? People who don’t know what they want to do or those who are not yet ready to do what they want to do. These people are generally teenagers and people in their early 20s. Everyone else should be self-employed. And I must tell you it is easy.

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