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Updated: Jun 20

Posts I have made on LinkedIn in 2021, prepared initially by Shivangi Chauhan. I update this post whenever I share something new on LinkedIn.

  • You pay 12 years for school and 4 years for college to prepare for jobs that don’t exist. People who understand this and still encourage youth to take this path belong to the biggest pile of dog shit. You’d better use the same money to buy a plot of land and grow fruits and vegetables. It's hard for me to see how ingenuine adults are to youth and children.

  • Don't ever worry about your appearance. Only one person has to find you attractive.

  • If you send 600 applications to find 2 jobs, you are more replaceable than a pair of shoes.

  • If schools and colleges stay close for a few years, the ruling class will really have a big problem at hand. The next generation will become too moral, intellectual, and skilled to be controlled.

  • People don't live off governments. Governments live off people.

  • The duty of a king is to protect his people from being enslaved, not to rule them.

  • If one man knows about bricks, another about steel, and another about cement, they would come together to make a house. They would cooperate. If they all know about bricks, they would compete against and possibly dislike one another. Do you understand the problem with standardized education?

  • Bad, antisocial, and perverted things are overrepresented on the internet because they are sensational. People are not that bad. Sensational content gets more clicks and is prioritized in social media feeds. People are not pillaging and raping their neighbors as much as internet would have you think.

  • You can pay people to dig ditches and then pay more people to fill them up (example borrowed from Peter Schiff). You just don't produce anything. Money can't create real jobs. It can only fuel stupid activities. We call them stupid jobs. People feel dispirited when they do those jobs. You can't manufacture economy.

  • I am afraid people don't see financial crises anymore. The media tells them we are in a boom. Governments tell them everything is great. Meanwhile, they are unemployed or underemployed, living paycheck to paycheck. They fail to grasp that everyone else is living in the exact same insecurity. The media is simply not telling the truth. April 13, 2021.

  • Internet got people exactly like public education did. It started as a benign educational and prosocial enterprise but slowly morphed into a propaganda outlet. I thought it would democratize education. It definitely democratized propaganda.

  • The scam of employment will end when average wages become equal to farm wages. At that point, people will hopefully realize that they don't need to waste time and money on schools and colleges if they will end up making as much as a farmworker. This situation has already arrived in some economies.

  • Women used to depend on their husbands. Now, they depend on their bosses and governments. They use to serve their husbands. Now, they serve their bosses. I don't see how feminism gave them freedom. It only redirected their dependency.

  • The world will not dampen the spirit. The spirit will rise to engulf it.

  • Why do you need a book of morals? Why don't you listen to the voice of conscience? Or let me guess. You have lost touch with it because you were caught up in idolatry.

  • Add all money on this planet. Multiply by infinity. And you still won't be able to buy a second of your life. Thus, time is infinitely more valuable than money. Don't throw it away chasing money.

  • Don't bury truth underneath kindness. People will have to dig a lot to find it again. And they will be desolate until they find it.

  • If you are not offending a lot of people, you may not be speaking the truth.

  • People think that industrial production is cheap because they ignore millions of people who work for pretty much nothing. These modern slaves are paid just enough that they can return to work the next day. Had they been properly educated to seek economic freedom, industrial production would have been infeasible. This is why they are indoctrinated in public schools, to follow a master at school and then at work. Following a master is all they have ever known and done. Guess what happens when they lose their job. They look for another master. Since they have never experienced independence, they don't know it. They were enslaved behind the bars of school at an early age. Makes me think of how you program an animal. You start at an early age.

  • The reason people get tricked is that they accept and live by man-made laws. Your masters can assume ownership of forests, land, and everything natural if you accept their laws that allow them to do so. Here's the truth: you can own and trade only man-made things. If you live by the truth but by man-made laws, you are bound to face the consequences.

  • People make wrong decisions because they have faith in the establishment. Listen, the establishment is merely taking advantage of you, from schools and colleges to employers to governments to religious institutions. You are just a resource to them. They really don't care about you just like you don't care about them. Go your own way.

  • The Universe is not what it looks like. It is merely resolved that way.

  • Religion is the soma of the masses. It sedates them from asking hard questions, keeping them spiritually enslaved.

  • Employment does not make you independent. You are still dependent on your employer.

  • You are dying every day. Do something that is important, not something that merely makes money or is merely cool.

  • Just like you can't fight greed and lust with weapons, you can't find a spiritual way/psychological war with guns.

  • Evil forces have their own definition of justice, which they want to impose with conviction on the rest of us. This inclination perhaps is not too much different from your will to do justice. But none of us truly knows what is just. Thus, we must manage our pride conservatively. There is no such thing as man's justice.

  • I don't think that the world should be fair and equal. Such idols have corrupted people. Quit waiting for a fair world. Get up and be a badass regardless of how the world is.

  • Go to an island with a million $. Show me how you plan to survive with it. Goods and services have value. Money does not.

  • If money could make you happy, you would have already been happy.

  • Obedience is not a virtue, because it can be used to counter truth. Any tool to counter truth cannot be virtuous.

  • Minimum wage is a bait to greedy and lazy minds. Sexual freedom and abortion is a bait to promiscuous minds. Man is truly a slave to money and sex. Lefties understand that very well. They throw their baits carefully.

  • Man is a slave to money, fame, and sex. Tyrants bait people with these false gods. Recently, I have seen them offer welfare (money), social media and viral videos (fame), and pornography and tinder (sex). And yes, sinful people fall for all of it.

  • So you think it is unprecedented that the stock market is not reflecting economic reality? What if I tell you they were not related to begin with. Rulers print money for themselves and for their friends. Slaves break their backs for the same money. Are rulers the problem here? Not necessarily. They are merely exploiting the weakness of slaves -- idol worship.

  • Just like you have been silenced on the internet, you will be debanked when nations go cashless. Or worse, you may get shadow debanked. You can see your account but no one will receive payments. Be open to moving to a barter-friendly community.

  • Government bureaucrats are really just welfare recipients. I said it.

  • King Solomen thought all worldly things are vain. Such solemn understanding shouldn't turn you into a recluse. Why make a sandcastle when the waves will sweep it away anyway? I say make it for the fun of it. Of course, all things man-made will eventually perish. But this should concern you only if you plan to keep them forever. I say be a creator unattached. Keep no prized possessions. Have fun.

  • Perceiver doesn't create perception. Perception creates perceiver.

  • You don't have freedom of speech. The free market gave you that ability. When the market gets centralized, your freedoms simply don't matter.

  • Misery is not divine punishment. It is an opportunity for man to reconsider his actions that made him miserable. It's a time out for introspection.

  • Revelation does not come from somewhere and is not received by someone. It exists for everyone to see. Whosoever gives up his pride and humbles himself will be able to see it.

  • Signing a contract or participating in a religious ceremony doesn't legitimize a marriage, just like adding someone on Facebook doesn't legitimize friendship. Moden people suffer in marriages because their marriages are illegitimate.

  • Structures of understanding make you close-minded. Quit trying to understand and the understanding will come to you. Surrender is the first step. I want to see faithful surrender. Open your mind. Allow truth to invade you.

  • You know what's gonna happen when you die? You are gonna rot in a grave as tiny organisms feed on you. Quit lusting for life and worldly existence.

  • The part of you that wants to do good to and for everyone is probably the divine in you. The part of you that wants to do good so you can be a good person is the devil in you. This wanting to be good implies that you are not.

  • Poverty will never be a thing of the past so long the ruling class benefits from it. Poverty allows cheap labor.

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