Man Doesn't Find Truth. Truth Finds Man

Updated: Oct 12

Man can't find truth because the process of finding evokes a finder, a subject subject to subjective perception. When he breathes out and surrenders his subject, truth is revealed to him. And he will know that it has always been here. And he will be amazed. And he will be filled with joy.

In other words, man can't find truth because he is an illusion. There is no finder, nor is there any finding to be done. Truth is revealed because it is not an illusion. It is what's left when clouds of illusion have cleared away, giving way to the yellow light of life.

Update on Oct 12, 2020 -

In this article, I have criticized the approach to truth in physics. q cannot tell anything about p because it is the dependent variable. I said that only p can tell q. How then do we know p without observing anything? There is only one answer that I can think of (possibly there are more): revelation.

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