Non-Intentional Production: The Key To Prosperity

Money is worthless. Whatever value it holds depends on the amount of products and services in the economy. The Corona fear-mongering has exemplified what happens when you have money but the market lacks supply. You can’t buy that which is not present in the market, doesn’t matter how much money you have. Conversely, you can buy whatever is abundant in the market even if you earn minimum wages. Thus, abundant production makes a nation rich not abundant money supply.

Consider if India suffered a credit disruption and everyone had only Re 1 - Rs 5. Would India suddenly be poor? NO, because everything would also sell at a much lower price. Tomatoes, let’s say, would sell at .5/kg. It doesn’t mean that the vendor would become poor, because he is earning a hundred times less. He, too, would be able to buy much more in merely Re1, almost a hundred times more than what he did before. This is why thinking about money is absolutely useless. Yes, it does mean that most of the financial and credit industry is uselss. RBI is pretty much useless. Most banks are useless and so is the finance ministry.

Money is just a measure of production. Production is the real deal. A nation where people work every day to produce goods of value will never be poor regardless of how little money they have. There will be abundance of everything in its markets. The more they produce, the cheaper everything will get. This nation will, in the truest sense of the word, be prosperous. If you want to get prosperous, quit focusing on money. Produce goods of value.

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