On Eating With Nature

Updated: Jun 16

Some nations have cows that produce more milk. It is natural that they consume more milk products. Some have fertile land that produces more plant-based nutrition. It is advisable to use the land to grow crops than to farm animals.

The debate on plant-based vs animal-based nutrition is useless. Both plants and animals are food to humans. Moralists think there is life in animals, so is in plants, just saying.

Instead of being greedy and wishing for things that are scarce, we should consume whatever we have plenty of. In a nation with predictable rainfall and fertile land, it is reasonable to grow crops. In colder nations with unpredictable rainfall, stormy weather, less hours of sunlight, it is advisable to let the forests grow so animals can come and feed on them. They can then become food to humans.

Every plant is food for some being, which is food for another. Don’t try to produce what the habitat does not naturally support. Don’t attempt to control nature. You only create imbalance that way. Just find your natural place in the food cycle. Collaborate with nature.

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