On Man-Made Laws & Rules

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

Originally written on Oct 18, 2019

It'd be a damn shame if society let her give birth behind a dumpster. It is a damn shame when a child is born on the streets. But she is homeless. She does not have any property. What can we do? Our houses are our property, not someone else's. The hospital belongs to someone who has to stay afloat. They can't take people in for free.

Perhaps, our property laws are not the best. If they were, property wouldn't be so unequally distributed. Perhaps, our legal system is not the best. Justice seems to account for the accused's financial status, religious affiliation, skin color, and gender. But they were not meant to the best. Man-made laws can only facilitate society not govern it. They only produce convenience. Do traffic laws tell us the right thing to do? No, they just help facilitate traffic. Many a time, traffic laws must be broken to do the right thing, such as when you must make a U-turn to save an accident victim. It is not a sin to take a U-turn. It only creates inconvenience. Similarly, property laws exist only to facilitate social living and commerce. No piece of land, tree, animal, or river belongs to anyone or to any state. When you die, you won't take any of it with you.

We are bound to fail so long we embrace man-made laws as our guiding principles. They only facilitate life. We must be guided by higher principles that are ground in truth. These principles are peace, mutual cooperation, truth, etc. It is our moral responsibility to ensure our neighbor's freedom. No government is gonna do it for us. A free society must be free from the inside. If it takes laws to ensure freedom, it implies that society inherently does not support freedom. Hence, it can never be free.

What then do we do with the homeless pregnant woman? Anyone who has the resources must accommodate her without any judgment? What about a homeless man? The same thing. Man-made laws have failed to facilitate life for them. Therefore, we must break them to keep the higher law. Don't expect any legal system to be perfect. Not all problems are legal to start with. Don't expect any justice system to be perfect, nor is any economic system perfect. No system can account for all that may arise.

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