On The Rise Of Polygamy

Updated: Sep 19

Imagine a 10 year old who just got his first bike. He wants to ride it 24/7. He wants to explore new streets and new trails in the woods. He loves his bike and wants to keep it forever.

Now, change the story a little bit. He wanted a bike, but his parents couldn’t afford it. Soon, he forgot about it. Years later, at 21, he needs a bike to ride to work. He wants something cheap and easy to repair. He doesn't care anymore to explore the woods or new streets in the suburbs. He's too old for biking dreams. A bike doesn’t hold the same romantic value as it did when he was 10. A bike is simply a utility or a tool for him.

Similarly, when a boy meets a girl at a young age, let's say at 16, he wants to explore the world with her. He wants to go hiking, play video games, and watch movies with her. He wants to keep her forever. The same is true for the girl, too. They don't want to go to college far from each other. They don't want to stay away from each other. Love is their guiding principle. They want to hold on the romance at the cost of anything. The world calls them foolish but they are not. The world is foolish here.

When the same two people meet 10 years later, they have their own independent lives. Both have their jobs, dreams, and long-term plans to achieve them. Now, these achievements mean more to them than a potential love interest. They won't sacrifice everything for someone they met a month ago. They would rather break up a romance if they get a better job somewhere else. Now, their guiding principle is success and freedom, not love. Therefore, when they look for relationships, they are likely to look for merely the utility of relationships like the 21 year old looking for a cheap bike that just works. The utility here is physical relations.

Therefore, I contend that people should find love early in life when it means a lot to them and reject all that impede their love. Those who do it are likely to fall in love and stay forever in it, like a boy who wants to keep his first bike forever. They will live a life far richer than any all kings and rich men whom sleep evades. If they fail, they will just be old and miserable, looking for happiness in the jewels of Earth. They'll have relationships but no romance. Their relationships will become shallow, merely a utility. They will keep changing partners but love will evade them.

Humans are naturally neither monogamous nor polygamous by nature. People who find love early are likely to become monogamous. Those who find it late reject it for material gains. They look for relationships for merely its utility, which any partner can provide.

Ps. But allow me to let you in on a secret. You have nothing to lose when you are older either. Nothing earthly really belongs to you. You only rent them. You are an eternal traveler, taking a pitstop in the realm of humans. You have come empty-handed, which is exactly how you will leave. Don't fall for the illusion of material permanence and ignore the truth of love. If you want love, keep it prior to everything. Do what you have never done to get what you have never had.

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