Truth Is A Discovery, Not An Invention

Consider a king who thinks that that velocity is directly proportional to kinetic energy. No matter how much he spends on a space program, he won't ever be able to send a probe to the moon. He can be as frustrated he wants but he won’t succeed unless someone tells him the truth, which is the square of velocity is directly proportional to kinetic energy. This principle remains the same regardless of who wants to send a moon probe, men or women, religious or atheistic, fat or fit, black or white, rich or poor. People born 1000 years ago needed the same principles to reach the moon, so will people born 1000 years down the line. In the physical realm, laws of physics are eternally true. They are revealed to men who are intellectually prepared to see patterns in the physical realm. It is highly likely that many had things fall on their heads before Newton, but they were intellectually unprepared to see the truth written on the face of the universe.

Similarly, there are patterns in economies that people developed in economics can see, such as the likes of Adam Smith, Milton Friedman, etc. But people, drunk in pride, make their own laws as if they the universe were an object to their whims. You can design an economic system the way you want but you can't design economic truths that way. Those who do this idiocy are bound to miss the moon, no matter how much gold they spend on their economic probe. Once again, economic truths are independent of religion, race, time, and gender. These truths are already made. You and I can't make them. We can only ride them to the moon or remain poor.

The same is the nature of moral laws. People who make their own moral laws are bound to live in nations infested with pride, crimes, broken families, jealously, etc. All forms of psychological maladies you can find there. These errors humans do quite often. Since moral laws don’t exist in the physical realm, their patterns can’t be seen. But they are written on the face of the universe (speaking metaphorically here), visible clearly to the righteous like the fabric of space-time was to Einstein. Magnetic field can’t be seen but it exists. You can see it by throwing some iron filings at a magnetic object. Similarly, righteous men and women are prepared to see moral laws and reveal them to their fellow men and women. Whoever wants to live peacefully and freely must keep these laws regardless of who they are, where they live, and what time period they live in. These truths are eternal.

Know the principle-- truth is not an invention, but a discovery.

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