One More Mouth Two More Hands

Updated: Jun 21

The rulers of the earth have convinced people that population is a burden, that one man's success is another's demise.

In schools and colleges, people are taught to outcompete others for limited opportunities. It has bred jealousy in the minds of the young. It has made flattery and bootlicking a lifestyle. When they do get one of those limited opportunities, it has made them arrogant. In the workforce, they compete for the same opportunities. This competition has turned them hostile to one another. It has turned them into vultures fighting for dead meat. But competition is the obstacle. Cooperation is the law. The truth hasn't been told. People have been misled.

The rulers of the Earth have convinced people that foreigners steal their jobs. Thus, instead of meeting them with curiosity about their culture, stories, lifestyles, and religion, they have turned hostile to them. It has caused them to betray the words of the prophets. Perhaps, the prophets should have said that man made foreigners when he erected boundaries. The air, the water, the mountains, the oceans, and the land were all gifts to humanity but man has taken ownership and erected boundaries as if he himself was the creator. This arrogance is an eternal infraction.

In truth, no man is a burden. If you want to make a bridge, grow crops, make aircraft, make ships and fishing equipment, the more manpower you have, the quicker and the plentier you can make them. Man is the greatest asset to his fellow men. True, one man is one more mouth to feed, but he is also two more hands to feed, two more hands to fight against evil, make important products, and contribute to mankind.

In truth, opportunities are infinite, for man can create them. All opportunities were created at some point. Someone discovered fire. Someone, then, discovered that cooked food tased different and more things could be eaten if cooked well. Only later did people come up with different kinds of cooking, and then different instruments for cooking. But man has forgotten the power of creation. He now sees himself in the image of a slave, not in that of the creator.

The man who embodies creation would be glad to see another man benefit from his creation. He would be glad to see his fellow men succeed financially and have successful families, for he would have had more users/customers of his products. A barber benefits when population increases in his neighbourhood. He comforts in the fact that he will have more customers. Similarly, cobblers, tailors, farmers, and all other independent producers of products and service benefit from the demand generated by immigration or population growth. If population was really a problem, young people wouldn't move to cities looking for work. If less population was great, small communities living in distant mountains and deserts would be the most prosperous.

A wage slave, however, laments the same. He wants less population. He treats foreigners with contempt for he sees them as his competitors. He keeps out foreign culture, foreign religions, and foreign languages. He calls it his pride when it's his folly. He's opportunistic. When most of the population become like him, the nation becomes proud, egocentric, and ethnocentric. This false vanity carries the nation to its economic doom.

The rulers of the earth have made all attempts to inculcate this slave mentality. They have enacted minimum wage laws to turn slavery into a lifestyle. They have normalized a paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle. They have forced the employers (their owners) to behave themselves, thereby creating the illusion of laws and regulations that artificially makes people feel protected and secure as wage slaves. But they haven't told the truth. No man should be another man's wage slave. No man should be dependent on another man for his income. It is a moral hazard. In addition to the spiritual degradation the slave experiences, he has no choice. To earn his bread, he must keep aside his moralistic inclinations to do whatever his master says. Thus, he must do all he can to be a free man even if he earns less as a free man, for freedom is more important than wealth. He should avoid being a wage slave as much as he can. But this truth hasn't been told. The world is full of propaganda about creating, getting, and protecting jobs. People have been led astray.

The rulers of the Earth have subdued the human spirit. They have made people compete against one another. They have turned them against their neighbours so they tear each other down instead of keeping the commandment. It has caused people to divide themselves and forget who they're meant to be- one nation, indivisible, under God (inspired by US pledge of allegiance). The rulers of the Earth have become Gods themselves. They have made people dependent on their laws.

And this is why the kingdom of man must fall.

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