Linkedin Posts From 2019 Part One

Updated: Apr 29

LinkedIn posts from 2019, part one -

Even Jeff Bezos cannot buy time. He can never be young again. He can never grow up with his friends again, never get picked up from school by his parents again. Please do not waste time, my friend. Quit everything you do not want to do. If you lose money, friends, fame, so be it. Nothing is more valuable than life, the measure of which is time.

Truth existed before all teachers and masters. It existed prior to its expression, before the first word was spoken, much before the first word was written. It will continue to exist even after all of it is destroyed. You really do not need books to see the truth just like a dog does not need books to learn loyalty, nor do cats need books to learn hunting. Read books only for fun. Don't think you are gonna get somewhere with it without using your faculties. Words are only a reduced version of reality.

A nation's most valuable resource is her people, not mines or minerals, just like a family's most precious resource is the family itself, not the car or the house. Just like the greatest family is the most virtuous one, the greatest nation is the most virtuous one.

One reason the modern world is so weak is public education, where weak men are promoted and those who ask questions are held back. Weak men end up with more financial success, making them attractive to women. But then they have not much to teach their children, hence the soft generation we live in. Even their wives get tired of them and cheat.

A strong $ means jobs move outside, imports increase, and domestic producers suffer.

A declining $ means the opposite, no need to get jobs done outside. Imports decline. In short, the US consumers' ability to buy (feeling of being rich) is the other side of their inability to produce cheaper goods. If they could produce cheaper goods, they would also make less money.

If the $ declined or collapsed without a revolt, domestic producers would regain industries they lost to foreign nations.

PS. I have assumed an open market. I understand the political powers won't let the economy organically recover.

The reason people have a hard time with prophecies is that they think future is disconnected from present. They take time too seriously.

Isn't every nation that has accepted Kyensian ideas bound to fail? In the Republic, Socrates said that all democracies were bound to become tyrannies. Is it about future? Can we not tell the position of the moon and Jupiter 4 years from now? Is it really about future or about an everlasting present?

There are principles that the cloak of time can't hide. When you see beyond time, prophecies become as alive as the present itself.

Does the Sun have a religion? Does water have a religion? Does air have a religion? How about plants, animals, birds, and insects? How about infants? My response to those who ask my religion with an intent to listen.

Those who waste their time on useless pursuits have no advantage over those who are in coma.

Creating jobs is BS. Man is born with his gift. To deliver it to the world is his real job. How he manages to do it is his real struggle. It is your moral obligation to deliver your best to the world.

The reason people feel something is terribly bad with the world is that it is. On less than a third of this planet exist 195 governments, some of which have even more within them. Chances are, the globe has never seen such a huge population of parasites living off the working class. I mean civil servants and public servants.

Doesn't matter how sweet, nice, and agreeable you are to them. If you never call, never ask them to hang out, you are not their friend. You simply don't care.

The reason some play nice is that they know deep down that they are not nice, that their intentions are not pure. But the ones who hold no evil in their hearts don't care to play nice. They don't want to sell their goodness. And that's why I don't spend much time on them. I like sinners more.

The mindless obsession with self-awareness is only making things worse. The self is the cause of all misery. Ever heard shit like "give up your self", "surrender your self", "self-forgetfulness"? Prophets had seen through the game.

Truth looks blankly into their faces, yet people are busy looking for it. Prophets merely offer a glimpse of heavenly glory, but they are not at fault. It is the fault of critically undeveloped men to think that words of prophets mean more than their silence.

When you are truly happy, you don't know it. When you are loving, you are unaware of it. When you are concentrated, you don't know that you are. Yet the internet is full of self-awareness crap. I say get lost and don't even care to be found. What is there to be found?

Does the Sun have a religion? Does water have a religion? Does air have a religion? How about plants, animals, birds, and insects? How about infants?

My response to those who ask my religion with the intent to listen.

The most fundamental feeling of the universe is joyous love. People feel it whenever they are unaware of themselves, like when they are totally engaged in a conversation or in a discipline like music. They temporarily become egoless.

When they come back to their illusion (ego, self), they lose that egoless state of existence and get trapped into their identities that they themselves have created.

The reason I left the fascinating world of physics is that I understood that a successful civilization is not one that travels to the moon and builds extremely sophisticated machines but one where no one is homeless and starving. It is one where no one lies nor cheats, where no one destroys another's life and property.

It is not one that prides itself on its Science and technology but one that does not pride itself on its intrinsic morality and virtues and remains humbly unaware.

Fail, fail so often there is no way left to fail anymore. Exhaust all possibilities of failure. You are now bound to win.

When you pursue the deepest questions with utmost sincerity, not to become smart, but merely to find out, not to brag to others, but to allow the fire inside you to consume you, without expecting to find out anything, without fearing not finding out anything, staying forever without closure, the universe itself starts to reveal the truth. Perhaps, that is what they mean by revelations.

Gospel of Thomas 113- the kingdom of the father is spread all over the earth and men do not see it.

You can't build a brand. To say so implies that you don't have any. You can only allow it to be built by letting the raw truth come out. You can only destroy your brand by not keeping it 100.

I feel as if the most virtuous man is not the one who knows not to lie and cheat but one who knows why not to lie and cheat.

"God says so" is not a legit explanation. It is an appeal to obedience, not to rationality. Are you gonna kill if God said so? A man who is moral out of obedience is morally undeveloped.

Men should marry young if they ever hope to find a loyal wife. Once they get older and rich, there is no way to tell if a woman likes them for them or for their money.

The reason why we know about philosophers from all the way back in Greece and Rome is that their works are so important that they need to be preserved. How many will preserve the lives of Bill Gates and Brittany Spears? That's what I mean by a meaningful life. Don't worship money. Produce the greatest work you can.

In an oligarchy, few employers have the ability to keep wages artificially low. I mean where else are you gonna go?

In a free economy, employers (greater in number) must compete for workers, driving wages higher and profits lower. This is why markets should not be liberated for profit earners to get wealthier and wage earners to get poorer. And yes, inflate the economy a little bit so they don't notice when their real incomes decline.

You don't need word of God. Believers tell me they talk to God, that God is everywhere. Why do you need a book? It is like looking for a cup of water while bathing in a river. If you do not believe in God, you should not need the word again. In both cases, we can establish that you should free yourself from worshipping religious texts.

Land, water, and animals never belonged to you. You are only a temporary visitor, not a permanent resident. Don't throw away your life collecting things that don't and can't belong to you. You came here naked and helpless, gasping for air, which is exactly how you'll leave.

If a poet gets banned, you can be damn sure he is good.

I try to read all banned authors, theologians, and philosophers. What gets banned is the ultimate mainstream to me

"Will you jump in a well if your friends did it?" We all understand the fallacy of popular opinion (argumentum ad populum), yet some think democracy is good.

Just like the masses are blind and ignorant, a democratic government is bound to be so.

Just like the job of the father is not to rule over the child but to ensure his anarchic freedom, the job of a king is to ensure a beautiful anarchy, intervening only when someone is about to eat mud.

I do not support the popular narrative of abandonment. Someone said something you don't like, abandon them. What kind of childish bullshit is that? Today's state of the world has been caused by this childish temperament. Are you gonna abandon your child if he took your orange juice? Don't abandon people. Abandon your expectations from them.

If I was friends with Jesus, I would be like, "bro, don't mess with humans." The world is strongly democratic. He will for sure get crucified again. As wise men said, "there is no point of repeating history."

No one is obligated to help you. Ask for help but hold no expectations.

I tell the truth, however. You don't need majority of things you think you need. Take power back into your own hands. Instead of waiting for someone to satisfy your wants, just give up your wants. You are the primordial energy. You have infinite potential.

Man must moderate his sexual instincts or he is bound to spend his whole life being a servant to women.

To think you can eliminate crime by eliminating 4 criminals is like saying you can eliminate cold by chopping off your nose.

The reason why governments alone can print money is to ensure the serfdom of the population. It is the same reason why any alternative currencies are banned.

But our money supply consists mostly of electronic money. It does not have to be printed by a government or a central bank. Unlike fake cash, there is no such thing as fake electronic money. Who then are the real masters, the real issuers of money?

When I see self-righteous and ignorant women, I fear for society. Most men are too weak to call them out. This lets brainwashed women become mainstream, marry weak men who agree with them (cheat with real men, but no one knows), and raise children just as brainwashed as them. That's partly how you get a world like today. These children then spend a good part of their lives looking for guidance from real men -- prophets, philosophers, and other men who dared to call women and society out.

I don't understand the born-sinner narrative. It sounds like something powerful people invented to subdue the human spirit. How can a perfect being make an imperfect sinner in his divine image? Why would it?

You really don't know what is good and what is bad for you, so accept gladly whatever comes your way. Just do your thing.

I am not gonna say tomorrow will be better. Tomorrow may be 10x harsher. You must get 20x harsher, so it gets 10x easier.

To play is childhood. To suffer is adulthood. To overcome is manhood.

If God is omnipresent, you shouldn't need to look in any book or any religious building. You don't go looking for cosmic background radiations? They are everywhere, in all directions.

To look for the omnipresent is to deny its omnipresence. It is like a drop looking for the ocean in a temple when the drop and ocean are already one.

Truth is higher than all religions, all prophets, all cultures, and all beliefs. What is wrong is wrong. No religion, no prophet, no culture can justify it.

Punishing criminals does not solve the problem. It is like saying eliminating the symptoms can cure a disease. If the disease stays untouched, it is bound to infect children who are born into our world every day. Instead of judging criminals, look for where the rot is in your culture /society, which is breeding monsters.

Industrialization was not achieved by some creative or economic adventure.

It was achieved by suppressing the human soul, so man no longer follows his desires and passions but slaves all his life to please his masters who may or may not promote him. And yet think he did well in life.

They say make money. I say make products.

The goal with your children is not to tell them the right thing to do. Chances are you do not know it yourself. Just step in to protect them from doing something destructive, such as taking drugs, eating mud, and taking their peers too seriously.

A bad product gone viral is called a disaster. Talk about Trigglipuff and smuglipuff. Both are memes now. This is why you should never go viral before you are reasonably good enough.

The only school that can ever be good is one that receives no funds from anywhere but from its attendees/parents of the attendees. If they receive money from a government or from a church, there is no reason to act in the best interest of the students and every reason to serve the government/church.

That someone can dare to discriminate against someone tells me that the economy is not even nearly perfectly competitive. It makes me think he is fairly secure about his market standing.

What you enjoy doing, what you excel at is your job. What you are otherwise doing is your sacrifice.

Tell me of a man from more than 500 years ago that you remember and look up to. Was he a banker, a politician, an industrialist, or an actor? Was he a rich man? Was he famous?

See, the following generations did not need to remember them. It is only natural that they don't.

People we do remember and look up to are ones who have done something important: philosophers, poets, prophets, etc. It is because of these men that humans survive and prosper. Within 100 years, the Gates and the Buffets shall be forgotten.

Men who are trapped by desire are less likely to make thorough and thoughtful decisions, just like a soldier who is trapped by his duty to the commander and kills someone when asked. Thus, to let go of desires (money, fame, sex, etc) is not an "ought to do" religious principle rather a practical "to do" for men.

They won't shatter the status quo. They won't tell the truth in the fear of not getting laid.

Not saying sex is a vice in itself. A focus on it, however, allows women (and hence society indirectly) to have power on men, destroying their judgments, incapacitating them from their higher duties. Sexual conservatism isn't a religious principle. It is a moral virtue that liberates men from calculating sexual success while making decisions.

To feel left out from society is akin to looking at the game from the outside. It breaks down the social hypnosis because there is no social. Thus, society must be disfuntioned for the hypnosis to break, for people to ask real questions, to wake up again. Disorder is inevitable for order to emerge. Corrupts leaders become agents for that. And they think they have power, when they are mere pawns in the divine order.

What people do reflect what they feel. What people say reflect what they want to feel.

Don't network too hard. Just do your thing and watch unknown friends show up. The universe has its ways.

Teachers don't work for students but for the school system (payer). They care less if their students fail in life.

Armymen don't work for people but for their government. They would even kill to keep their jobs.

The police don't work for the public but for their payers. Ever seen the police protect the poor?

How is it different for me to say elected representatives work for people who pay them aka private interests?

It is true the vision of a republic is great so long people keep their representatives in check. This just never happens. Therefore, failure of a society is the whole sum of corrupt political powers , and an indolent and tolerant population.

The only difference between a monarchy and a democracy is that the former has only one ruler and a much smaller bureaucracy.

Not only is it ok for a man to go against the flow, but it is also his higher duty to establish the truth.

Why are people so predictable that life becomes boring? Perhaps, they are driven by money, power, fame, and bodily desires. When I track the rewards, I see the behavior.

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