Ugly People Become Ugly

People driven by virtue and beauty pick life partners who are virtuous and beautiful. Their children have virtuous parents who teach them virtue. These children go on to pick life partners and emulate the relationship their parents had. Thus, we see a selective emergence of virtue and beauty and the rejection of what's ugly. These people become beautiful inside out.

In comparison, ugly people desire power and wealth. Their sorting model is based on wealth, status, religion, skin color, etc. None of these variables have anything to do with virtue and beauty. They marry people with the same status to protect their status. They discriminate against people of other religions because they want to continue to hold power within their religious community. In multiracial communities, they often prefer to marry their own race to preserve a hypothetical sense of racial purity or sometimes racial superiority. By their choices, they selectively eliminate virtue and beauty. They get their status, money, or power but fail to give their children virtuous and beautiful parents. Their marriages tend to be shaky since they were never based on virtue. Their children don't get to have a good childhood. If they stay attached to their parents in adulthood, they go on to make the same dumb choices their parents did. Thus, a society that is ugly from the inside becomes ugly from the outside, too.

Beautiful people make beautiful choices that make them beautiful. Ugly people make ugly choices that make them ugly.

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