Until You Become Like Little Children

Children are born wealthy, with an excess of the most valuable asset -- time. Even Jeff Bezos cannot buy it. No amount of gold or property can be exchanged for time. They can only lose it if they barter it for money and fame. Children are born creative. You can only suck creativity out of children by being a tyrant and punishing them for being creative. Children are born critical thinkers. Children return "why" to everything. You can only dumb them down by punishing them for asking questions. Children are born positive. You can only suck positivity out of them by abusing them and serving them poison. Children are born go-getters. Ever seen a child who asks for permission before taking the cooky? You can only suppress that spirit by imposing unnecessary rules and regulations. Children are born moral (not sinners). You can only set bad examples for them to emulate. You can teach them that lying can get them somewhere but they are not naturally inclined to lie. All you need you are born with. You can only lose them if you take society too seriously. You really lose them when you take those seriously who are promising to make you richer, more famous, more creative, more intelligent or more moralistic, implying that you lack all of them. But you were divinely ordained with all of them. Let go off your limitations. Go back to who you were before you entered society. Acknowledgment - The title is inspired by Matthew 18:3.

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