Want To Be Left Alone For Real?

Written on May 20, 2019

I thank Mary Madeline for proofreading my draft.

Mind your own business. Why doesn't anyone care about me? Why am I invisible? Don't say this/ that to me. No one talks to me. I guess, no one likes me. Leave me alone. Why am I always left alone? Don't be so nosy. Why is everyone so indifferent, so insensitive? Don't tell me what to do. Only if someone had told me about it, damn! Why do I not feel cared for on a planet full of people? Why am I alone in this world?

Be careful what you wish for. You may get it. To those who have said any of the above, are you sure your misery is not your doing?

When someone tells a girl not to go out in that dress, she gets offended because to say so is politically incorrect. When someone notices something is wrong in the neighbor's house, he hesitates to investigate because he is more concerned about committing a felony than about saving his neighbor's life and property. If you really press to find out how your friend is when you ask "how are you", you are intrusive and rude. People have become so concerned about the law and the culture that they suppress their impulse to care for others. In doing so, they have become lawfully lawless.

These behaviors manifest a very basic human inclination to care for others. That is what they are doing when they offer free advice, when they ask you not to do something, not to go somewhere or not to wear something. Before people started worshipping the law, people used to talk to their neighbor's children, invite them over dinner, and care for them when their parents were at work. They interacted freely with people. They acted out their inclinations. Because they openly cared for people, people felt cared for. Now, people have begun to self-regulate to the point that they end up ignoring others and making them feel invisible. To makes matter worse, people have been brainwashed to think of many caring behaviors as rude and intrusive. In fact, so many Americans think it is ideal for people to leave them alone. When left alone, they get depressed and call the world callous. Since they think the world is callous, they prefer to be left alone. They distance themselves from others and develop trust issues. This is behavior modification on a macro level. As a result, people have unlearned empathy and learned apathy, even though they were born the exact opposite.

If a culture continues to ignore all who actually care, all who wait to hear what you say when asked, "how are you", all who intrude in your life to check on you and reward all who are apathetic, we are bound to end up with an apathetic population, where no one would even have the impulse to check on one's neighbor. No one would have the impulse to go see one's teachers and relatives. Everyone would remain apathetic and brain dead.

Therefore, people should never fixate on their laws and culture. Those who make either or both can control the population by manipulating this collective pride. It is true that people have the right to be left alone, but this is not what they should do. It is true people have the right to tell others to mind their own business. They should not do it though. These laws are man-made. The entire culture is man-made. Both are constructs that exist only to make society function. When people become arrogant of their man-made laws, they forget the eternal law/truth. When the eternal law is compromised, inappropriate things start to happen and justice dies. Love and friendship die. That of which I am writing about does not change with time. It remains the same in every nation, in every culture. It is not made. It is.

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