What A Job Is

Updated: Apr 19

When your family cleans the house, you decide which room you will clean. You decide your job. Similarly, in societal progress, you decide which part you want to play. That's what a job means.

Your job is your offering. It is your barter to get what you need. Money is just a way to measure the value of your barter. The value depends on the rarity and the demand of your barter. If you want to be wealthy, produce products that are rare and important to society.

You were supposed to learn skills growing up so you can use them to enrich your society. That is what your job truly is. You do a good job so people may offer you something in return, so you can continue to offer the same value to others.

You must also understand that schools and colleges are slave indoctrination camps. They exist to give you the wrong idea of job, wealth, and wealth creation to keep you constantly begging for employment, to keep you in the fear of losing your job. In truth, there is no such thing as job scarcity and job growth. Have all mouths been fed? Have all been sheltered and clothed? If not, then there is plenty of work to be done. You can't be out of work.

One absurd assertion is that overpopulation is causing unemployment. If this was the case, no one would move to cities for economic opportunity. There are more people to serve in a city, more people to feed, clothe, build houses for, and to sell all kinds of services to. In a no man's land, there is no one to exchange offerings with. You would have to drill out your own water, grow your own crop, protect them from animals yourself, and build your own house. Does that sound like a good deal?

Population is a burden only when it is not developed, just like lazy children become burden on their parents. But so long they want to clean the house, the more you have, the quicker they can clean the whole house. Sure, you would have more children to feed, but perhaps, they can work on the farm, produce more vegetables and dairy which can help feed not only them but the poor neighbors, too.

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