What Happened At Mississippi State

Updated: Jun 26

One day, a new Mexican student showed up. They used translator apps to talk to him. I could only imagine how the same situation would’ve played out at Mississippi State. They would’ve probably ignored him. Some might have made fun of him. They hadn't yet started disliking foreigners. Perhaps, they weren’t yet told that immigrants were stealing their jobs, which is both divisive and wrong, as I have explained here.

I felt more welcomed at Starkville High School than I ever did at Mississippi State. They had a better sense of humour. They were more open-minded. Their groups were not defined by race, religion, or ethnicity, in particular. They had not yet become black, white, christian, atheist, feminist, or liberal. They had not yet accepted the labels. They were still just Brian, Logan, and Dante. They treated one another much better than those at Mississippi State. Many didn’t care about other people’s opinions. A good number of them were comfortable disobeying implicit and explicit cultural norms. They asked questions and often denied doing classwork. They had the courage to defy authority. These are signs of a morally and critically developed people. Therefore, I wondered why students at Mississippi State were so immoral and socially awkward when a good number of Starkville High students were gonna end up at Mississippi State. What happened at Mississippi State?

Perhaps, the students had not yet been corrupted. They had not yet been divided into indoctrination camps. In college, black students are isolated into the Black Student Association, where they are told that white people hate them, that they are victims, and that the world is against them. The statements are played repeatedly. In Christian echo chambers, they are served the agenda of the church. In left-leaning chambers, they are served the Marxist agenda. These echo chambers are supported by the university. Perhaps, this is where divide and rule starts. Therefore, I personally never became loyal to any religious, ethnic, or racial group.

I also noticed that students who were more likely to get opportunities and get picked up for college generally lacked leadership potential. They were not critical thinkers, and definitely not creatives. They were obedient. They never talked back to teachers. Their jokes were dumb. They were politically correct. They were slaves to society’s implicit and explicit rules. To the corporatocracy, these students were potentially the black suits who, when rewarded with soul-crushing amounts of money, will never look back at the time when they were innocent and had the moral calling to say “no”. The students who had leadership potential, who were funny and openminded, teachers disliked them. The students who made my experience good were less likely to get opportunities.

Thus, people didn’t particularly dumb down as they progressed to college, rather dumber people were picked for college and possibly even dumber got chosen by employees. We can see the more they bow down to society, the lesser moral potential they hold, the more they get promoted. Thus, we have literal psychopaths running the nation. Of course, there are smart and moral guys who get picked for college. I, myself, barely made it to college. Only one college had accepted me. But college is another circus where immoral people are waiting to entice the weak-spirited.

I started losing friends by 16 because my peers started to fall for society. They gave up thinking freely to impress our teachers. They were now playing by society’s rules to get academic and professional opportunities. The freedom they compromised is the very backbone of moral and intellectual development. How can a man be moral if he has no freedom? A slave has to do whatever he is told. Similarly, intelligence is premised on free thought, which slaves don’t have.

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