Why Schools Are Needed

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

One way governments manage to brainwash so many is mandatory public education. It’s where they are kept in an echo chamber for more than a decade. The echoing messages are-- the authorities are always right, they must follow the rules, they mustn't criticize nor ask questions, the rules are just. This is where children are taught to blindly respect the law, the constitution, the legal system, and ignore the higher laws. But anything can be made legal or illegal. Is truth so arbitrary? Today, murder is legal, widely demanded, and justified (capital punishment). Robbery is legal and justified (taxation). Deception is also legal (fiat money). Legality is established in the court of law. Right and wrong, however, is not. You can’t enact the law of gravity in a court. No police, judge, or government can uphold the law of gravity, nor can anyone violate it. They can spit in the sky in an attempt to violate gravity but it wouldn’t end well. This is the nature of truth. Good and evil have nothing to do with the law. Good and evil were here before the institutions of law, before lawyers emerged, and will be here after the very last lawyer dies, for the truth is eternal. Consider land ownership. Land, air, water, forest, and mountains don’t belong to anyone. Even if you legalize it, you cannot make it right. You can’t establish rights over things you haven’t created. The potter has the right to his pots, for he is the creator of it. But he can't own the clay. Clay was here before he was born. It will remain after he’s gone. When he dies, he takes with him the skill of pottery. Now, no more pots can be made, until someone else acquires the skill of pottery. This is not to say that man can't own property, however. He can own the product of his labor, or exchange it for that of his fellow man. But he cannot own that which is not a product of human labor, for those things were before man and will be here after the last man dies. In fact, man owes his existence to nature. To say that he can own nature is like saying that a child can birth his parents or that a fish can own the ocean. {this thought is continued here}

Man is a guest on this planet. But he wants to own it. How prideful!

Consider slavery. A man can’t belong to another man since he hasn't made him. Slavery is fundamentally wrong. You can legalize it but can’t make it right. We can see this truth from a different perspective, too. When a man dies, his body, experience, skills, and experiences die with him, for all of it belonged to him. He had the divine right to his body, skills, and mental faculties. He leaves behind his land because it was never his, to begin with. Not to say he couldn't use it. All animals, plants, and humans can drink from the river but no one can own it. Right and wrong are factually established not legally but men have been shrouded in this illusion of law. Schools are needed to destroy morality, to teach the young that there is no such thing as right and wrong, only such as legal and illegal. So long their minds are trapped in the untruth, they can be made to kill, steal, and deceive others with pride. They can be made to do all sorts of eternal infractions, for they are doing nothing illegal.

They know not what they do.

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