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Quit Accepting Man-Made Labels

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

Don't identify with any nation, religion, race, or any other dumb labels. These man-made labels can be used to emotionally manipulate you.

Guess who gets mad if I say "Christians are dumb," "Muslims are violent," "Hindus worship stones."

Guess who gets mad if I say "Indians are creepy, " or "Americans are stupid."

Guess who gets mad if I say "Blacks are stupid," "Whites are retarded," or "Indians are ugly."

Since you have established your identity inside of those little labels, I can bait you without even saying your name. I can emotionally manipulate you both subliminally and outrightly. You won't even know it. Watch this short video on Stereotype Threat. I first learned about it social psychology all the way back in my freshman year.

Stereotype threat is just one of many external influences on your behavior so long you are wearing those socially defined labels.

The emotional brain is much more primitive than the rational brain. It produces behavioral responses much quicker too. Quit giving power to elements that attack your emotional brain. Free your mind of man-made external influences. Quit accepting man-made labels.

You may ask what then your identity is. Well, why do you want to know? And who is wanting to know? The answer is definitely much deeper than socially and politically defined labels. A sinful and stupid world is definitely not gonna give it to you.

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