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Quit Feeding The Corporatocracy

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

There are legions of enablers, armies of weak men who are support evil. There are people who work for evil powers even when they know they shouldn’t. Evil has an army of weak-spirited weak men who think “I alone can’t change anything”. But they are definitely making it worse by passively joining evil. They are working for, buying from, working with, and associating with the wrong people for monetary gains.

Some invest money in the wrong companies just to multiply their wealth. In doing so, they empower capital owners to use the extra cash to control governments, lobby, and buy out competitors, land, and capital they don't need just to block potential competitors. When more land and capital are bought by a few people, rent increases (less competition). It is no surprise people have been priced out of places they have lived all their lives. The higher the rent, the more it costs to run a business. You get fewer new businesses, and thus, fewer jobs. All eventually become dependent on just a few people who employ everyone. Prophets have warned about speculative trading. It is common knowledge that Muslim nations don’t do it. Why hasn't it motivated people of Earth to at least wonder why?

Speculative trading depresses local economies and enriches big capital interests. When people are not too greedy, they spend and invest in local markets. Local employment rises. This is how a town naturally develops economically. When you convince people to blindly invest in the stock market with the lure of money, they axe their foot. Money (liquidity) is skimmed out of local markets and transferred to big capital owners. As a result, the economy expands for a few capital owners and recedes for everyone else. This is visible whenever you travel from cities to villages. You see a reduction in economic activity. This further drives rural people to migrate to urban areas, allowing capital owners more access to cheap labor. The migration increases land prices in cities and plummets the same in the rural areas left behind. I can go on to describe this chain of events, but that’s not my point. The point is the whole problem started because people were and are greedy. They make decisions based on money, not on morality. They are worshipers of money. And of course, there are many more reasons that contribute to the events I described above. Speculative trading is one of them.

I can’t blame capital owners. People have willfully worked for their corrupt establishments. They have funded their growth by investing in them and are still doing so. They have bought their products just to save a little bit of money. I think not for a second that evil people are warring over good people. Society has a whole has become immoral. In their immorality, they have become an army to the people they call evil rulers.

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