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Quit hating the elites and look in the mirror

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

I remember, even back in middle school, some students would spend a lot of time gossiping with teachers, especially girls. I knew what they were doing. They were forging relationships to bias decision making in their favour so they could have priority access to academic, extracurricular, and athletic opportunities. It also allowed them leeway whenever they did not do homework or missed assignment deadlines. It helped them get higher grades and escape disciplinary actions whenever they got in trouble. Sometimes, their parents talked to teachers and administrators to ensure they got noticed and promoted. Of course, none of it happened publicly.

In college, in a country far away from India, I saw something similar. Most institutions on campus had a strong leftist/marxist undercurrent. People who promoted the status quo got priority access to academic and professional opportunities. Left-leaning folks held most of the important positions. There was an invisible club, an invisible pact. I never found out why the Learning Centre, Housing, the library, and the call centre never even interviewed me. Most talks happened behind closed doors and in secrecy.

Most found clubs/groups to support themselves and get an edge over the unaffiliated. I felt like all the honour societies, fraternities, and sororities were examples of such quasi-secret groups. Outsiders like me did not have a clue what fraternities truly did. Evangelical Christians had their own support groups like RUF, BSU, etc. African Americans had their own Black Student Association. Most foreign students had their support groups too. Joining these groups allowed members priority access to jobs, internships, and scholarships. Older members in these groups often kept jobs reserved for or passed down their jobs to newer members without giving outsiders equal consideration.

Outside campus, leftists had very little influence. The city of Starkville, I felt, was mostly controlled by churches. Folks went to churches to make connections and move up in life. They referred their fellow churchgoers for jobs and preferentially patronized their businesses.

I did not join any of these groups because a society where who gets major opportunities has nothing to do with talent and merit but with who-knows-who is bound to become impoverished and immoral. Talented and meritorious people would simply move out, leaving behind a pit of dirty scumbags. Since I never joined any of these groups, I never got priority access to anything. I was never referred by anyone. I was the last person to hear about most scholarships, internships, and jobs. I had to find out about everything myself. I have never had a GroupMe or a group chat with people who were helping me get jobs, scholarships, or anything of that nature. I have never had anyone hold a job for me. I can’t give you more examples of cult behaviour after college, because I have had no social life since then. I have been mostly unemployed, putting my material out and hoping to get my head above water.

In light of the above observations, why is it surprising or even wrong for a few ultra-rich people to band together in secret groups to support one another build their empires? Why is it wrong for them to keep the commons locked out? Why is it wrong for them to do what so many do in schools, colleges, and workplaces? Most people would do the same thing if put in their shoes. Heck, they were talking behind doors and licking boots for minimum wage jobs. They would do anything for billions of dollars.

Look at yourself in the mirror. If you have ever secretly “talked” to decisions makers or leveraged professional cult-like organizations to get an edge over the unaffiliated majority, you are no different from the elites you are hating. If you have ever pulled strings to get what many were working hard to get, you are no different from the people you are hating. You are really heating yourself.

Some people suggest that everything on Earth has been manifested. Could it be that the alleged cabal has been manifested by millions of people on Earth who privately “talk” to decision makers or obsequiously join their networks to get preferential access to colleges, scholarships, internships, jobs, etc? Could it be that that which you call evil has emerged from within you? Could it be that you have been giving energy to the cabal by doing the very same things?

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