Quit Studying For Jobs That Don't Exist

Updated: Mar 6

Jobs are a byproduct when a skilled individual provides a product/service. It is in his best interest to hire as few people as possible and pay them as little as possible. This is no different from your looking for the best deal on ingredients when you want to prepare a recipe. You want to pay as little as possible and get much as possible.

It is absurd for people to pay for 16 years of stupid education only to be an ingredient or only to collect a byproduct. Why not spend the same time working on a skill so you can produce a product/service to the market? You won't even need 16 years of education for that. 10 years is more than enough.

People need to understand that they are wasting away all their childhood and youth to finally get a job that does not exist. How many people you know are hiring? Most of us can't name one. This is because there are no jobs. If there were as many jobs as governments and colleges told you, you wouldn't have to look for one. Phones are available. Do you have to look for phones? Why then spend all childhood and youth preparing for something that does not exist?

Even more mind-boggling is how ingenuine teachers in schools and colleges are. The media, governments, and education boards are all part of the rot. They are misleading and betraying children and youth.

I predict that millennials and Gen Z will live like perpetual bachelors. Since they slaved away most of their childhood and youth, they will live like youth for the rest of their lives. I don't blame them though. They have never lived anyway. If you were a slave for most of your life and suddenly discovered freedom, you would want to indulge in it, too.

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