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Reasons People Have Failed At Love

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

You can get a good seed and nurture it. If are lucky, it will become a healthy plant one day. Or you can spend the same years looking for a better seed and never plant anything because there is a better seed out there. This is how modern people, especially women, have failed at love. They think love is picking the greatest seed, when it is nurturing it. The purpose of dating is to end up with the other party, not to reject him/her. The benefits of love lie in being in it, not in looking for it. Yet people look for reasons to reject the other party. They are really axing their own foot. With every rejection, they reject a potential life-long relationship/marriage.

They are not grateful for every guy or girl who speaks to them. They think they are doing a favor by going on a date without someone who asked them out when it is the asker who has done the favor. Think about the first guy who talked to you in school. You wouldn't say you did a favor by talking back or hanging out with him/her. The same applies to people who show romantic interest. You are not doing a favor by responding to them. They are doing a favor by taking a chance on you.

Men ignore virtue for beauty. They fail to foresee that attractive girls and not-so-attractive girls will both turn into grandmas. This is just the undeniable reality, which should dissuade men from overvaluing physical beauty. Once the youth is gone, all she has left is virtue. Thus, the correct long-term strategy should be to look for virtue. Also, think about what kind of mother she will be? Would you like a beautiful but proud mother or a plain but virtuous mother? Don't plan to harass your future children by marrying a proud girl. Don't let physical beauty deceive you. This doesn't mean that you should marry a fat girl. Have some standards, but don't obsess over them.

Women get blinded by money and influence. They fail to understand that being rich and poor is only about time. A rich man can become poor and vice-versa. Being rich does not make a man virtuous. Ever had a rich friend who did not help you in times of need, but a poor friend shared with you whatever he/she had? The worst of all, most men chase money precisely because they are empty from the inside. They don't feel valued by society and girls. They think that money will compensate for the lack. These men are likely to become depressed and twisted as they age. These are the types who abuse their wives and ignore their children. Most women in domestic abuse cases are married to exactly these kinds of men.

Some worship intellect. If you don't see yourself abandoning a parent, friend, or sibling because he/she is not intellectual, you are bound by consistency not to reject someone for not being intellectual. If intellect isn't uncompromisable in your current family, why would you impose it on a future family member?

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