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How Scarcity Is Produced To Control Man

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

To protect nature, we must protect man because he is also nature.

It is not normal to be homeless on such a massive planet abundant with space. No man has even explored all of it. It is not normal to starve on a planet that feeds and sustains billions of animals. There is no natural/organic scarcity. Scarcity is artificially produced. People have been artificially made homeless and hungry.

Your masters have convinced you to sever your relationship with forests and become dependent on centralized supply chains. You were not meant to work more than 40 hours a week for someone else only to be able to eat and pay rent. That's what slaves do. Humans are the only species of lifeform on the planet to do that. Nature provides food and water for everything it begets. Humans are part of the natural food chain, which should not and did not comprise governments and corporations for almost the entire human history.

Throughout human history, forests have provided man with everything he needed. That was and is the natural way to live. There was nothing wrong with that. They did not harm nature like modern corporations do. The modern agenda to protect nature (forests) from humans assume that humans are not nature but some sort of synthetic factory-made plastic. Don't allow your rulers to turn you into that. If they succeed at brainwashing everyone, future generations will be born into artificial scarcity and consequently will be wage slaves.

If a man is dying, it means nature is dying. If a man is suffering, it means nature is suffering. When a man is treated cruelly, it is also unnatural and unsustainable. We build sanctuaries to protect nature, but humans are used as expendable resources (human resources). Man and nature (forests) are one. They can't be separated. Rulers try to separate them so people become dependent on them, but we mustn't allow it.

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