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Should You Marry?

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

There are certain things women are disposed to perceive and certain things that men are disposed to perceive. They see different things and the same things differently. Uniting both perspectives allow a kind of revelation than one alone is less like to experience. There is a lot of things that women know and think of that men are clueless about and vice-versa. It is like putting rods and cones together or putting radio and x-ray images of the Sun together to see what was previously hidden to the human eye, which had seen it only in visible frequencies. Thus, a man and a woman who unite all their resources may be able to reach a level of existence that may take a single man or woman years of meditation or learning to achieve.

You don’t have to marry. You don’t have to have a life partner, but if you do, marry a virtuous partner. You will be far ahead of anyone who didn't get married or married for money or lust. By not marrying, you miss out on a lot of things life can offer. Then, you go searching for the same things in mountains, caves, books, and religions. To deeply and honestly know a member of the opposite gender may be more enlightening than reading 1000 books. Achieving spiritual unification with one of them may possibly rival a life time of meditation or reading. Let me just break it to you. All human knowledge combined in nothing on the cosmic scale of things. Therefore, those who think they can just read it all are simply mistaken.

A rich man and a poor man receive different programmings. It is better for them to know each other than to read 100 books each. A religious man and an atheist have obviously received different programmings. In fact, most people have received different programmings. The more people you know, the more perspectives you have access to. Perspectives are like spectacles or like telescopes to analyze the same star. The more images you have, the more you can meta-analyze. Relationship with the opposite gender is a step ahead. Opposite genders are not only programmed differently but also are born different.

Just how much can you achieve by yourself? Just how much fun you can have by yourself? The more friends you have, the easier your life becomes. I wish I had a friend who knew why my members and subscribers don’t get notified of my new posts. The bigger your family, the easier and more fun your life gets. The smaller your circle, the more helpless you are.

You don’t have to have friends, but I recommend having friends. Life is just more fun that way. If one friend can add more value to your life, guess what many friends can do.

You don’t have to stay in touch with your cousins, but I recommend you do.

You don’t have to stay connected to your extended family, but I recommend you do.

You don’t have to be friends with your neighbors, but I recommend you do.

Similarly, you don't have to get married, but I recommend you do. There is no reason not to have more things in life.

Of course, you don’t need any of it. You can go live in a cave, dig out your water, grow and cook your own food, and make your own clothes. That’s completely viable. But there is no fun in that. Don’t be a monk. The life of a monk is no different from the existence of a dead rock. Both just sit quietly forever. What a waste of life!

Ps. I am not talking about what humans call marriage today. I am talking about this.

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