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Since People Empower Tyrants, They In Power Tyrants

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

There will always be tyrants because there will always be tyrant lovers aka idolators.

People love money and power and idolize others who have either or both. There are literally TV shows and movies about the lives of rich people. Books are written about them. And people buy them all as part of the service.

There is a chasm between the weak and the powerful because common people have fallen to idolatry. They keep worshipping popstars, politicians, and members of the elite capital class. By reading their books, purchasing their products, watching their movies, they only enrich the elite class. Then they turn around and complain about income inequality. The same people who bargain with local shopkeepers purchase every new iPhone. The same people who purchase online to save a few bucks spend frivolously on expensive clothing brands. They empower the powerful and ignore the weak.

Is it surprising that sometimes a member of the elite class or a few members of the elite class end up garnering so much resource and public support that they can outrightly turn into tyrants? They don't even need to work very hard. Idolators are fascinated with rich people. A good number of tyrants had massive public support before they turned into tyrants. It was just too late by then. They became too powerful because the masses elevated them too much.

No man can be a tyrant without public support. He has to have people standing behind him to tyrannize others. If no one supported tyrants before they turned tyrannical, there would have been no such thing as tyranny. But idolatry is as old as man. Thus, idolatry and tyranny go together.

Since people empower powerful people, powerful people stay in power.

Why do people love powerful people?

Because they deep down want to be them. I can guarantee that most people that despise income inequality idolize someone who is in the top 1%. They don't despise income inequality. They despise being on the losing side. They would do anything to be in the top 1%. If they made it there, they would do anything to hoard their wealth. People work harder to not lose something they have than to get something they don't. This is a basic economic fact.

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