Stoicism Is Not Good

Updated: Apr 5

March 25, 2022
No one cares. In reality, some do and some don't. By not seeking help, you may keep yourself from harbouring expectations, but you also eliminate those who do.

I turned stoic as early as when I was 16. I had no positive influence in life. Half of my teachers at school were frauds at best. My parents had never said a single positive thing to me. I had no positive memories with adults. There was just one teacher in 9th grade who appreciated me.

I was unable to seek help. I felt like people would laugh at me and my problems like my parents, neighbours, and teachers used to. I did not know there were responsible adults out there. I had never had a mentor either. I was comfortable with young people only. It cost me dearly. Looking back, I realize my life would have been 100x easier had I sought and found help. You need all the help you can get when you are applying to college, for jobs and internships, or when you are starting a business. But I did most of it pretty much alone. I sought help from the system though. By system, I mean I went to EducationUSA to seek help when I was planning to study abraoad. As a freshman, I sought help from the International Student Advisory Board. I would ask the career center on campus to help me find a job. These were terrible ideas because most people in the system work only for a salary. They don't actually care about your success. I would not recommend anyone to do what I did.