Strategy Consultation

Why do you do what you do?

To make money? What a waste of life!

Would you buy from someone who works only for money?

Don't be someone you won't like and buy from.


You can't come up with a mission. Coming up implies you don't have one. You can only discover it.

Core Values -

I don't agree with the literature here. Be driven by the right values, not some 3-4 fancy abstract words. You can use them for marketing stunts though.

Vision -

Once again, you can't come up with it. When you quit doing dumb things and straighten yourself, it will start to occur to you. The more you trim away the unnecessary, the clearer your vision will become. Allow yourself to experience your vision.


This is the only controllable part. Once your vision has emerged from clouds of uncertainty, what can you do about it? This is your BHAG. I say do the highest you are capable of. Go a bit beyond. Reach a bit higher.

For strategy consultation, reach me at email@philosophicallyinclined.