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Terrorists, Churchians, And John Wick

Updated: May 26, 2022

If you are looking for something serious, skip this one.

From a behavioural perceptive, there are no incentives for a man to kill another solely because he practices a different religion. There is no money to be made, no food to eat, no houses to acquire. Thus, I am inclined to think that terrorists are employees of governments or of religious institutions where dirty money is hidden under the guise of freedom of religion. Who else would pay them? Who else would furnish them with weapons? The thoughts presented here are entirely speculative and are based on my experiences in the American South.

A good number of them didn’t like non-Churchians. They were taught that gentiles are delusional. At first Presbyterian church, pastor Martin once exemplified an American soldier fighting enemies in the middle-east. He glorified him as a man of great faith fighting for God (let’s just pretend that Jesus did not say "love your enemies"). This desensitized attendees to violence and war. In fact, it made war look normal and the enemies evil. But he did not mention that most countries keep their armies within their frontiers, not all over the world.

Students at Starkville High School were different. Even though majority of them came from Churchian households, I felt no hate or discrimination from them. I wondered what happened in college that incentivized perfectly normal Churchians to became hateful and discriminatory. My guess is they were looking for professional opportunities. Churches were the de facto government in the south. If you didn’t pledge your fealty to a church, your opportunities were greatly diminished. There were endless benefits to joining a church. Below are a few mentioned -

1. Rich people affiliated themselves with churches, probably because they could use churches to hide dirty money. Since churches are free from financial reporting, there is a lot of room for shady business.

2. Networking: you could easily find an internship or a job if you joine a church big enough. I am sure this was the deal-breaker for college-aged folks.

3. Dating: girls who dated within churchian circles had a much higher social status than those who wanted to live an independent life. Weak men faked Churchianity to land pretty churchain girls. They couldn’t do any better anyway. Just on a side note, don’t be surprised if you find Churchian men effeminate. Even Machiavelli was concerned about it.

4. Free stuff: I knew someone whom a woman offered to host for free. And then there was me: more than $1000 in debt, at the brink of homeless, handing out my resume. My churchian friends were almost never unemployed. One of them showed me how extensively networked churches and their member were. Important people knew exactly who was hiring in the city.

I have only mentioned 4, but there were more benefits of joining a church, like free mission trips to foreign nations. All you had to do was act like you wanted to convert non-churchains. Churchgoers, especially females, were very less likely to face financial difficulties in life. Perhaps, Churchians in college were behaviorally shaped to become hateful and discriminatory. Every time they promoted the churchain agenda, they were rewarded with both primary and secondary reinforcers. If they opposed the agenda, they would be treated with non-reward or time out (get ostracized). The higher their standing in a church, the more benefits they were entitled to. This is why you would see them take God’s name in vain. Just look at a Christian girl’s Instagram. She doesn’t care if it's wrong or immoral. Saying "praise the lord” and “love God” would make her look like a good obedient churchain.

Church was like the High Table in John Wick. Shit happened under the High Table. If you were a part of it, followed the rules, and maintained a good reputation, you were entitled to a ton of benefits. If you quit, you lost all those benefits. If you rebelled against them, you were excommunicado.

Churchians were pretty much employees of their churches. They did everything they were told to remain in good standing, which led to wealth and power. The goodness I saw in high school Churchians got eliminated as they got older. They turned into Churhians ready to fight for their church.

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