The Biggest Losers On The Planet

Updated: Mar 6

I feel like the biggest losers on this planet are rich people who sold away their lives to earn money they don’t need. I would never trade places with Jeff Bezos. The guy might be the richest but his life is more than half over. He is too poor to buy even 1 second of life. He can never grow up with his friends again, never get picked up at school by his parents again. I just hope he enjoys his job. If he doesn’t, I can’t imagine a man more unfortunate. I’d be depressed if I gave up more than half my life to earn money, and then realize I don’t have much time left.

I am sure many rich people have the epiphany at some point that they screwed up their lives. They made the money, but the price they paid was infinitely more. The time they gave up can’t be recovered. But they probably wouldn’t say it because society sings their praise. It is reasonable for them to act happy and satisfied in public, and take sleeping pills, behind closed doors, to fall asleep.

Ladies and gentlemen, please don’t waste away your life. It is good to earn but earn only as much as you need. Don’t blindly worship money because you are losing time. You are dying every single day. You’re gonna die, so everything you accumulate will become vain. Even the mightiest of kings who made heavens on earth passed away and were forgotten like they never even existed. The same was the fate of the all beautiful women who ever walked on earth. Quit doing things you don’t want to. Be free. Live free.

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