The Covid Psyop Would Have Worked If There Was No Internet

Updated: Feb 21

The internet saved the world this time. Now they are coming after the internet.

Feb 3, 2022

One major requirement for programming delusion is keeping the individual ideologically isolated. We see this in religious cults. They keep their members together and shield them from mixing with outgroups. The point is to not expose them to anything other than what they have been told. If you told an isolated population that we live in 1743, they would likely accept it unless they can communicate with external parties and verify.

I saw the same back in college. Students were encouraged to join ethnic and racially defined organisations such as Black Student Association, Latino Student Association, Indian Student Association, etc. Campus ministries were doing the same thing. They were isolating Christian students from non-Christians ones. Once you have a population ideologically divided and isolated, you can implant all sorts of delusions.

This is done geograp