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The Covid Psyop Would Have Worked If There Was No Internet

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

The internet saved the world this time. Now they are coming after the internet.

Feb 3, 2022

One major requirement for programming delusion is keeping the individual ideologically isolated. We see this in religious cults. They keep their members together and shield them from mixing with outgroups. The point is to not expose them to anything other than what they have been told. If you told an isolated population that we live in 1743, they would likely accept it unless they can communicate with external parties and verify.

I saw the same back in college. Students were encouraged to join ethnic and racially defined organisations such as Black Student Association, Latino Student Association, Indian Student Association, etc. Campus ministries were doing the same thing. They were isolating Christian students from non-Christians ones. Once you have a population ideologically divided and isolated, you can implant all sorts of delusions.

This is done geographically too. Many nations establish themselves as moral and peaceful, and their neighbours as uncivilized. In the past two years, nations that locked down told their citizens it was the only way to not get wiped out. They did not mention Florida, Sweden, and most nations in Africa. These nations did not get wiped out.

Isolation creates gaps in commucation, which can then be filled with false information. Take India and Pakistan for example. A border makes people less likely to mix and communicate. Since people of the two nations do not have any first-hand experience of those of the other, they can both be separately told that the other party hates them. People generally believe the first thing they hear. This is how rulers of men have historically kept humanity divided into nations and religions. They feed into the masses that they need strong armies and boundaries to protect themselves from foreigners, who look no different from them and are no more interested in hurting them than the citizens are in hurting foreigners. Technically, there is no such thing as foreigners. You create foreigners when you create boundaries.

Historically, controlling the flow of information and propagating false narratives have worked. Before the internet, no one in India knew what was happening in the UK or in Germany. People had to believe whatever they were told or ignore everything altogether. However, this time it was different. The network of fibre optic cables that some have suggested has been laid down to spy on people allowed humanity to communicate. And this communication fundamentally changed the game. While the media was churning out propaganda, everyday people busted most of it with short clips on social media. Independent journalists totally destroyed the lies.

Governments used the same old time-tested methods. It must have taken an unprecedented amount of money to buy out media groups in multiple countries. They even managed to delete thousands on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube. They tried everything in their hands. They still failed on an epic proportion.

If the same incident happened in let’s say 1980, most people would have fallen for it. Only a “fringe minority” would have figured it out (Trudeau), just like many knew that school is propaganda before it became obvious. The ruling class failed so bad that so many of them turned into memes. The situation did not get as serious as it would have gotten in the pre-internet age.

Let me take you a decade ago. In 2021, I was an 11th grader. I had very limited access to the internet. Internet penetration in India was less than 4% back then. They were no legit bookstores in almost my entire postal code. I had never seen a real library. Every single bookstore and library had only test-prep books. I had not even started reading books and writing. I did not even know that there were good books out there. I use driven only by cold rationality and intuition. In those times, looking through propaganda required a lot of thinking and invited a tremendous amount of ridicule. I remember when I spoke against feminism and the education system. I got laughed at. People called me retarded and crazy. In the internet-connected world, this is starting to become common sense.

The internet reflects the power of communication. Knowledge and books existed before the internet too. But there was no communication tool on par with the internet. This tool allowed people over the world to communicate with one another and discover that their leaders were lying to them. Most of these lies were copy-pasted. Imagine if humanity always stays so connected. No force will ever be able to radicalize one faction against another and reduce the collective strength. We have people in Australia rooting for Canadians and people from the UK rooting for Australians. What can be a better show of humanity’s collective strength! This is insane.

I found out the truth because I used to occasionally listen to London Real. I used to follow Project Veritas. My LinkedIn contacts also shared their ideas. Majority of my connections on LinkedIn knew that people were being fooled. It did not even feel like a psyop. I did not feel like how I felt as a 14-year-old criticizing feminism. I did not feel like I left when I criticized idolatry, religious do-gooding, and fake virtues as a teenager “who had no experience of the real world.”

I feel like the ruling class is simply out of bounds here. They have overplayed themselves. The internet is so new that old means of control are not working. Perhaps, their instructions manuals don’t have much material on the internet, because the internet did not exist for most of human history. In the future, I am expecting more geographical censorship (but VPN is already here), search result manipulation, and domain-based censorship. But people have already started moving to decentralized internet. These platforms are impossible to censor. Innovators are once again ahead of the curve. We already have decentralized domains. The ruling class is losing in this cat and mouse game. Once the population understands the utility of web 3 technologies and adopts it (might take 5-10 years), there will be only one way to censor the flow of information: they will have to disrupt electricity or put a cap on it so blockchains are shut down. Then, I expect the emergence of carbon-neutral blockchains (already happening). I do not think the ruling class can win this battle without direct aggression. The facade of democracy will have to end if the working class has the same access to information as does the ruling class. They already look utterly stupid as more and more people abandon state- and corporate-owned media. The ruling class will have to get out of the way or resort to direct aggression, which works only in the short run.

In the pre-internet days, “fringe minority” would have actually worked. It is a loaded word that makes the listener feel like the pro-vaccine stance in the status quo and they are weird or crazy if they have any doubts. The language that we saw the past two years was brilliantly crafted to manipulate people. It would have totally worked before the internet. Terms like antimasker and anti-vaxxer make the subject feel like these people are negative (anti, against). Once he feels this way, he is likely to have a negative attitude towards them before even asking why they are against what they are against. This is why people who support abortion don’t call themselves anti-life (opposite of prolife). They call themselves pro-choice. Language is a powerful tool to make people feel a certain way. Since feeling happens much quicker and faster than thinking, most people think to justify their feeling. Poets and authors use this power to inspire people. Politicians and the media use this power to manipulate people. However, this time, they failed so epically they turned into memes. Politicians like Justin Trudeau turned became memes, in turn, laughingstock for humanity. At least, these memes shall preserve their legacy.

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