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The Fall Of Rome

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

In the trial of Socrates, people voted against them. They somehow benefited from his death or at least thought so. In the trial of Jesus, people voted to get him crucified and get Barabbas released. Without their votes, history would have been different. In both cases, majority of society had become dumb and sinful.

Let us look at what's happening now. The US is very close to an economic crisis, or worse, a collapse. The budget deficit is huge. The national debt is more than the GDP. Too many education loans have been made to sub-par students who will not be able to do good in college, and consequently, will not satisfy their debts. It is the same as the housing crisis when too many loans were made to sub-par borrowers. This time, it is going to be much worse because the US is running out of room to stimulate the economy. It cannot perpetually increase the debt ceiling.

Now, do people working in colleges and schools not know that public education is a scam? Do the teachers and administrators I met at Mississippi State University not know that students are going into debt to learn useless things and participate in meaningless leadership conferences? Do college students not know that most of them are not learning anything? Do people in graduate schools not know they are producing sub-par and irrelevant research? Are people not keeping up with political correctness? Are Christians not tolerating religious hypocrisy? Are they voicing against churches getting tax-free money?

Are recipients of Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare not aware that they are dooming their descendants into poverty and socioeconomic wretchedness? Are people working in these offices not aware of the greater evil? Are both parties in the government not aware that it is time they must deinstitutionalize these three programs? But they are more concerned about winning the next election. Are corporates not aware that they should not accept government handouts because it destroys capitalism? Are people at the Federal Reserve unaware they are ruining the economy? Are the banks not aware that they should not fund the governments' fancies? Are they not aware that they are debt enslaving the government and, hence, its subjects?

When the US collapses, the leader at that moment will be blamed, whoever he shall be. But we can trace issues back to the establishment of the Federal Reserves, public education (where socialism breeds), welfare programs, fiat currency, unlimited wars, and foreign policing. Do people not know that Islamic terrorism in the US is partly a backlash of America's rampage in the middle east? If America had stayed out of their business, they would have been economically sounder, in which case, they would have been more civilized. Therefore, all who contributed to any of the above have contributed to the inevitable fall of the US.

In the history of mankind, no nation, no religion, no caste, no bloodline, no institution has been around perpetually. To fall is inevitable. The forces that have caused destruction-- ego, self-interest, short-term benefit chase, greed, violence, conformism, and ideological fixedness are very much present in the US. When majority of people become afflicted with the above evils, Rome is doomed.

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