The Illness Of Self Regulation

Updated: May 5

When people self-regulate, they split their being into a regulator and a regulated. You feel a split from them. You can't understand their feeling and intentions properly because you get mixed signals. The more they self-regulate, the more they split their being. Compare it to splitting a null into a positive and a negative end, both of which want to return to the null, but they are being kept apart by a force. The moment they are released, they become null again. Thus, the regulator is not any more real the regulated (the objective self that people put forth). They are poles of the same dipole. When they let go of self-regulation, the poles again become one. And the person is at peace.

This is very common among extremely religious people. Since they practice extreme self-regulation, they tear themselves apart. They are likely to produce odd or weird behavior at times. They are very prone to mental disorders. When I was in college, I met many hardcore Christians. Almost all of them were mentally ill. Of course, they would never tell me, but they exhibited the symptoms. Extreme self-regulation can drive people nuts.

The same can be felt from women. It is no news that women practice much more self-regulation than men do. Is it surprising that they are accused of sending mixed signals? Girl children are never accused of that. The worst case is an extremely religious woman. I can think of many hardcore Christian girls who had years of hardcore depression behind them and were still suffering. Of course, there were more reasons that just self-regulation. But allowing themselves freedom could have helped them greatly.

Those who don't self-regulate have a calm aura around them. They come across as simple and straight to the point. You will never feel any turmoil from them. Some examples would be animals and reckless children.

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