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The Moral Need For Self-Employment

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

Some of my teachers understood that Mississippi State, just like most colleges, had turned into a racket. Some employees were aware that students don’t really need a college degree, especially not in social justice. Many were in fact bothered by the propaganda. But they kept their mouths shut. They had to keep their jobs. The same I noted in Starkville’s public school system.

Debt and employment are two easy means to manipulate a population. Imagine a soldier who doesn't want to kill. How else would he feed his family and pay his mortgage? If he was a bodyguard, he could just work for a different client if he was asked to kill.

Many revolutions started when there was a gap between the aristocracy and the proletariat. This is where the world is right now. Millennials are either underemployed, unemployed, or in severe personal debt, in addition to the debt they have inherited (National debt). This generation is depressed. They have faced inescapable situations in school, colleges and at work. We know from the works of Martin Selgiman (1975) that inescapable situations make people learn helplessness, in other words, depressed. They have become victims. All we need is a charismatic leader who will use debt and employment to make them go crazy. No one wants to be homeless and poor. Leaders know that.

Since a majority of the human population is employed, and hence financially dependent on a few capital owners, they can easily be agitated into doing mindlessly immoral things. Those who have a moral calling can be placed in positions where they play a passively evil role until they do evil once. Once they start doing it, all floodgates will open or perhaps, it has already happened. It is only the first time when a man thinks twice before doing an immoral deed. The more people become employed, the fewer free voices we have in society. We know that free voice or moral agency is fundamental to moral development. For a man to be moral, he must first be free to make a moral choice without any dire repercussions, which is only possible if the majority is self-employed. Therefore, self-employment should be the rule, not an exception. Peace stands on moral values, which stand on economic freedom.

The fun part is man worships money. Money is man’s God. Thus, it can control him. Capital owners know the secret-- money is simply printed into existence. It has no intrinsic value. Imagine controlling a nation of people with something you can print out. Imagine controlling dogs with leftover food or cats with cat food. Isn’t that interesting?


Selgiman, M.E.P. (1975). Helplessness: On Depression, development, and death. San Francisco:

W.H. Freeman.

PS. This document was originally written last year, sometime in summer 2019. Also, I suggest you get a copy of the book I have cited.

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