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Updated: Jul 15, 2022

April 7, 2022

If you are the number one, you will not get anything until you accept you are the number one.

I felt like I knew even at 15 that I would be poor. I felt like the world was too brainwashed to give me a chance, and smart people were so famous that I would never be able to reach out to them.

I felt like I was more intelligent than others, but I did not like to call them dumb. They too had the potential to be/do what I could. In fact, I doubted if intelligence existed. I spent a lot of time thinking about it in the spring of 2017. Then, I found philosophy and everything I knew became irrelevant.

I still felt like people were not at level. It was so hard to get my point across. But then I don't actually think that someone is better or worse than me.

Now I see how it goes. Intelligence does not exist. Feelings exist. Frequencies exist. I lived in a different frequency. I felt different feelings. And just like resonance happens when frequencies match, energy exchange happens when frequencies or feelings match. This is why I was able to communicate with Dr. Gainer. She was not smarter than others per se. She lived in a different spiritual presence. She did not feel the need for rules and structures. She did not follow well-defined recipes.

People don't have attitudes and opinions. People only have feelings. Attitudes and opinions are just rationalizations. Feelings exist. Logic does not. Everything happens and is driven by feelings. People become whatever they are made to feel like.

I did not apply to Harvard when chances are they precisely are the kind of people who would have felt me. I was wasting my time communicating with people who were not in the same frequency band. They made me feel worthless.

When applying for jobs, I was bothered because recruiters were dumb. If I had reached out to smarter people, I would have surely succeeded, like I am about to succeed now. Feelings must match before communication happens.

Harvard and Princeton are not more selective. In fact, there is no such thing as more or less selective. Everyone here is the right fit for something.

With the right people that I met on LinkedIn my ideas resonated. Flow of energy happened. Now I must reach people at the very top. Not only will they reply, they are almost waiting for someone like me. They are looking for someone just like me. I know exactly where I belong, where the number one should be.

Resonance is the law of the Universe. We resonate with what we are. Energy channels are opened when there is a match in feelings. We don't live in a scientific universe but in a magical one. It is full of feelings. The entire universe is conscious, full of feelings.

Smart people are not actually more intelligent. They are just in a different state of existence.

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