The No.1

Updated: Jul 15

April 7, 2022

If you are the number one, you will not get anything until you accept you are the number one.

I felt like I knew even at 15 that I would be poor. I felt like the world was too brainwashed to give me a chance, and smart people were so famous that I would never be able to reach out to them.

I felt like I was more intelligent than others, but I did not like to call them dumb. They too had the potential to be/do what I could. In fact, I doubted if intelligence existed. I spent a lot of time thinking about it in the spring of 2017. Then, I found philosophy and everything I knew became irrelevant.

I still felt like people were not at level. It was so hard to get my point across. But then I don't actually think that someone is better or worse than me.

Now I see how it goes. Intelligence does not exist. Feelings exist. Frequencies exist. I lived in a different frequency. I felt different feelings. And just like resonance happens when frequencies match, energy exchange happens when frequencies or feelings match. This is why I was able to communicate with Dr. Gainer. She was not smarter than others per se. She lived in a different spiritual presence. She did not feel the need for rules and structures. She did not foll