The One Thing Worse Than Death

is the death of your vision. Don't let it die. It is equivalent to spiritual death.

I am continuing the ideas presented here

Before 2017, I did not have LinkedIn. I only occasionally made content on Instagram. Neuroscience and psychology were so fascinating that I used to be completely absorbed. I did not care about social media or about the world. I used to be busy. Doing what I liked allowed me completely channel my energy into it. After I gave up on my vision, I was all over the place. I was reading and writing all sorts of material. I was unable to channel my energy. It spilt all over Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and my notebooks. That is how the world got to see so much material from me. In the fall of 2016, I wrote a short book too. Before giving up on my vision, I seldom wrote. I was to be too busy reading. Six years later, I am still writing about it.

I moved to business, but I did not care about the classes, the people, or anything related. The entire curriculum of business was mind-numbingly dumb to me. Jobs in business I was not motivated to get. People in business I was not motived to speak to. They were just too dumb. I used to think I would eventually find a stable job and pursue my interests on the side. That was a bad idea, because I could not gather enough energy to keep speaking to stupid people for stupid jobs that I did not care about. I tried really hard, however. But my energy was finite. If I had an education in neuroscience or psychology, I would have had unlimited energy to keep reaching out to people until I got something. Yes, doing what you like grants you almost unlimited energy. it sets you on fire