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The Power Of Propaganda

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

Just a casual post. Feel free to skip it.

Chances are there is no nation on Earth whose people are as similar to Indians as Pakistan. They talk the same, like the same sport (cricket), and even curse the same. They both dislike dark-skinned people and worship light skin. Even their vices are the same. They both struggle with religious fanaticism. They don’t have a shared history because they have the same history. If I switched their populations, many wouldn’t even be able to tell because they even look the same. Yet governments of both nations have managed to inflame them against each other. This will only get worse as phones arrive in everyone's pockets. The rulers will then be able to deliver propaganda 24/7 to everyone individually. They literally will get plugged into the matrix.

The same I noted when I was in college. We were brainwashed to hate Ole Miss (University of Mississippi). The truth is Mississippi State and Ole Miss couldn’t be more similar. In fact, they were pretty much the same culturally and academically.

If propaganda can brainwash peoples who are so similar to hate each other, do you really think you are not susceptible to it? Don’t kid yourself thinking that. Therefore, I tell you to unplug. Go your own way. Live your own life. Do your thing. Take everything your government says as false until proven true. Treat individuals as innocent until proven guilty but not governments. I have never met a grown man who doesn’t know that his government, no matter where he is from, is corrupt. If you know that, why do you take them seriously?

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