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The Power Of Propaganda II

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

Watch this short clip of Dr.Sherry Tenpenny's testimony to the Ohio house of representatives.

Now, watch the entire testimony. She starts to get into vaccine shedding at about 10 minutes into the video.

What is happening here? Representative Jennifer Gross tabled a bill (House Bill 248). The bill allows Ohio residents to refuse C19 vaccines and keep their decision to do so undisclosed (which is in line with HIPAA). Below is an excerpt from the bill as introduced (page 3-4).

D.1 A person, political subdivision, public official, or state agency shall not discriminate against, deny service or access to, segregate, require a facial covering or other vaccination status label for, or otherwise penalize an individual financially or socially for declining a vaccination as described in this section

D.2 A person, political subdivision, public official, or state agency shall not disclose or otherwise make public an individual's vaccination exemption status (page 4).

Download PDF • 70KB

Dr. Tenpenny is supporting the bill. She claims that C19 vaccines have been reported to have numerous side effects including death and have not been tested for long-term side effects. Therefore, they shouldn't be forced on anyone, nor should the unvaccinated get discriminated against. She adds that she has had reports of healthy unvaccinated people getting sick from being in close contact with vaccinated individuals. She doesn't know what is happening. One of her hypotheses is that there's something magnetic in the vaccine, which has been reported though not verified with compelling scientific evidence, may have something to do with it.

If you read the comments on NBC's Youtube video, we can see that NBC's propaganda worked beautifully. They took the video out of context, branded her hypothesis as a claim, and declared her comments false preemptively in the title itself. This way, people already know what to think before they watch the video. In fact, she never said, "vaccines are magnetized".

Here's a quick summary of how to create a propaganda video to smear someone -

  1. Declare them wrong before she speaks.

  2. Don't show anything she says that makes sense.

  3. Focus on a part that can be taken out.

  4. Provide a false summary for the masses to take with them.

  5. Convince the masses that the majority also thinks that she is stupid. Conformity works at a subconscious level, too.

  6. Eliminate any contradicting evidence.

We can also learn how to spot propaganda or fake news -

  1. Someone is presented in a bad light, not in a neutral one.

  2. Someone is prejudged in the title/heading itself.

  3. The speaker/subject looks unnaturally stupid.

  4. Hasty generations are being made.

  5. The reporter/interviewer is putting words into someone's mouth.

  6. The reporter/interviewer is purposely misinterpreting what is being said.

Here's an example of an attempt to misinterpret someone and smear him.

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